Happy International Women’s Day!

Mar 8, 2023
Topics: News

Did you know that Page Two is owned—and primarily operated—by women?

It’s an honor to work with so many incredible women, not only on our team but also in our author community. We published 23 books by female authors in 2022 alone, all of which cover important topics from entrepreneurship to mental health, creativity, motherhood, and beyond.

If you’re seeking books to add to your reading list for International Women’s Day, look no further! We’ve grouped all of the books by women that we published in 2022 under three handy categories. Here’s what to read if you want to make a change…

At work

You, Me, We: Why We All Need a Friend at Work (and How to Show Up as One!) by Morag Barret, Eric Spencer, and Ruby Vesely

HomeWork: How to Be a Leader in the Boardroom and the Living Room by Deena Chochinov 

Leading Inclusion: Drive Change Your Employees Can See and Feel by Gena Cox


Buoyant: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Becoming Wildly Successful, Creative, and Free by Susie deVille 

Prove It: Exactly How Modern Marketers Earn Trust by Melanie Deziel with Phil M Jones

Once Upon a Leader: Finding the Story at the Heart of your Leadership by Christine Miners and Rick Lash

Coaching A–Z:  The Extraordinary Use of Ordinary Words by Haesun Moon

Let’s Grow, Girl!: Your Network Marketing Playbook Where You Get Paid to be You by Shari Owen Brown

Beloved Economies: Transforming How We Work by Jess Rimington and Joanna Levitt Cea

Weaving Two Worlds: Economic Reconciliation Between Indigenous Peoples and the Resource Sector by Christy Smith and Michael McPhie

Empathy Works: The Key to Competitive Advantage in the New Era of Work by Sophie Wade


In your own life

Hear & Beyond: Live Skillfully with Hearing Loss by Shari Eberts and Gael Hannan

Big Gorgeous Goals: How Bold Women Achieve Great Things by Julie Ellis

Not That Likeable and Other Stories I Told Myself by Amanda Hamilton 

Write a Must-Read: Craft a Book That Changes Lives—Including Your Own by AJ Harper

Untying the Knot: Protecting Your Emotional and Financial Health During Divorce by Kelly LaVallie

Tiny Humans, Big Lessons: How the NICU Taught Me to Live with Energy, Intention, and Purpose by Sue Ludwig

Embracing Unrest: Harness Vulnerability to Tame Anxiety and Spark Growth by Dr. Sandra Parker

Make Lemonade: Thrive through Divorce by Transforming Your Life by Alicia Robertson

Bliss Out: Feel-Good Habits to Lift Your Hustle Hangover by Jody Urquhart

In your relationships

Emotional Magnetism: How to Communicate to Ignite Connection in Your Relationships by Sandy Gerber

Heal for Real: A Guided Journey to Forgiving Others—and Yourself by Shannon Moroney

Dial Up the Dream: Make Your Daughter’s Journey to Adulthood the Best—For Both of You by Colleen O’Grady