Weaving Two Worlds

Economic Reconciliation Between Indigenous Peoples and the Resource Sector

Christy Smith and Michael McPhie

The resource sector must embrace Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

Much of the land, the waters, and all that lived upon or in them is, or was once, under the stewardship of Indigenous Peoples. But when it comes to resource extraction, Indigenous communities have often paid the highest price, and received the least in the way of benefit. That’s changing, and quickly. Today and in the future, the involvement in and views of Indigenous communities for any large-scale proposed development project are critical.

In Weaving Two Worlds, Christy Smith and Michael McPhie offer insights, knowledge, and guidance from their decades of work between resources companies and Indigenous communities. Smith and McPhie offer two voices from two worlds—Indigenous and non-Indigenous—to show how the resource sector can play a meaningful role in advancing Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. Using powerful case studies, personal stories, guidelines, and tools for reflection, they offer an invaluable guide for understanding decolonization and becoming an ally. You’ll gain practical skills and tips on how to build meaningful, mutually productive relationships with Indigenous Peoples, from initial consultation to project planning and development.

Weaving Two Worlds offers a practical roadmap to a future in which Indigenous rights are fully acknowledged, both in law and in practice. Whether Indigenous or non-Indigenous, we breathe the same air, drink the same water, and rely on the Earth to provide for our well-being. We all have an opportunity to move forward and repair the harm of biases and colonial practices, and work to realize a sustainable future that benefits all of humanity.


“McPhie and Smith have penned a book that addresses one of the most critical issues of our time: cross-cultural relationship building for mining and resource industries. Based on their decades of experience working at the frontier of Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives—First Nation and colonial—they present a rich tapestry of much-needed practical and thoughtful insights to serve as a guide through what has sometimes been a tragic divide.”

“In the era of economic reconciliation with Indigenous People of Canada, this book is compelling as it relates to how to do business properly with Indigenous nations. It is a must-read if you want to get right and do right by Indigenous People of Canada.”

“This is a timely, provocative, and necessary book. Much of corporate Canada continues to struggle to deeply understand, let alone design and walk the path, to true economic reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. This book will help build awareness and understanding and challenge long-held myths and biases.”


Weaving Two Worlds is a must-read for anyone involved in the resource economy, Indigenous business, or simply a curious Canadian interested in knowing more on Indigenous business and the resource sector. Thank you for taking the time to write and distribute this important work.”

Weaving Two Worlds is a timely and insightful read for those in the C-Suite and throughout the corporate engagement platform. Christy Smith and Mike McPhie are knowledgeable experts who bring extensive experience in understanding that committed corporate resource leadership in allyship with Indigenous partners can achieve beneficial Indigenomic outcomes.”


Christy Smith is a member of K’ómoks First Nation living in her traditional territory on Vancouver Island. Being bicultural has allowed Christy to authentically navigate both Indigenous and non-Indigenous worlds while working in the resource sector for over twenty-five years. Engaging and building good relationships are at the core of what Christy does as a changemaker, mentor, liaison, project manager, and engagement expert. She has facilitated workshops, presented at national mining conventions, instructed at universities, de-escalated complex situations, mentored Indigenous entrepreneurs, negotiated countless benefits agreements, advocated on behalf of First Nations governments and industry proponents, and built capacity within every organization of which she has been a part. Christy currently serves as a partner and vice president, Indigenous and Stakeholder Relations, with Falkirk Environmental Consultants Ltd. of Vancouver and vice president, Sustainability, with TDG Gold Corp.

Michael McPhie is an executive with more than twenty-five years of experience in the Canadian and international resource industry. Over his career he has been a CEO, chairman of the board, founder, partner, and officer of public and private companies. Michael currently serves as a founding partner and co-chair of Falkirk Environmental, where he acts as a senior advisor to resource companies, governments, and communities and is on the board and an officer of several Canadian public mineral exploration and mining companies. He is also a member of the Board of Advisors of the Washington, DC–based non-governmental organization Resolve. Michael is former chair of the boards of Ridley Terminals
Inc., the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), and the Association for Mineral Exploration BC (AME). He is also former president and CEO of the Mining Association of British Columbia. He lives in Vancouver, BC.

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Published March 1, 2022
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