Bliss Out

Feel-Good Habits to Lift Your Hustle Hangover

Jody Urquhart

Happiness isn’t work. It’s a state of being—and it’s within your grasp, right now.

  • Are you driven and ambitious but often feel frustrated or stuck?
  • Does stress keep hounding you to work harder?
  • Even when you accomplish your goals, do you feel unsatisfied, like it’s never enough?

It’s because when you spend most of your time hustling after a better future, you neglect your bliss right now. Bliss Out will show you how to take your goals out of the future and unravel their inner bliss in your life now.

Do you have a hustle hangover?

Does unfinished work hang over your head from one day to the next and drain you? This is a hustle hangover. Hustle causes you to hang your attention on past results and future goals.

But your life is happening right now.

You can hustle hard so you can feel better in the future or live in bliss right now.

You are much more powerful, continually replenishing your bliss instead of reacting to life’s stress.

The simple, feel-good habits in Bliss Out never require effort, just a slice of your attention. Getting what you want is rewarding and fun when you line up with your bliss before taking action. This book is about feeling good. It’s an all-out champion for your good vibes. All it asks of you is that you accept an invitation to take a break from dissecting complicated issues in life and bliss out in happiness instead.

Learn simple, feel-good habits that will turn your focus from the inside out, enabling you to create a life that’s more fulfilling, joyful, and filled with happiness. Find your bliss and you will be more centered, focused, and relaxed.

Take the hustle out of your happiness and claim the success you are.


“Every page is sprinkled with decisive insights to turn your bliss into reality.”

“A blissful, inspiring book that will change how you approach your day and live your life.”

“Joy, contentment, happiness, bliss… these words are not synonymous, but they are related. Anyone who finds them, has found a life worth living. Jody Urquhart’s break-out book is a guide to finding such a life.”


Bliss Out is a must-read for everyone who wants to take their life to the next and higher level of meaning and happiness.”

“Time flew by while reading Bliss Out! I found my bliss in these pages. Hustle doesn’t drive my life—inspiration does.”


Jody Urquhart is an author and motivational speaker who has spent more than twenty-three years inspiring and entertaining thousands of audiences around the globe. Jody began her life on the stage as a stand-up comedian before pursuing her life’s mission of empowering worn-out professionals with humor, hindsight, and hallelujahs. She is the author of the book All Work & No Say, a tongue-in-cheek insight into the rat race and how to find joy.

ISBN 978-1-77458-108-7
$22.00 CAD $17.95 USD
Published February 22, 2022
5.5 × 8.5 256 Pages
Paperback, ebook