Leading Inclusion by Gena Cox, PhD book cover

Leading Inclusion

Drive Change Your Employees Can See and Feel

Gena Cox, PhD

Build an inclusive organization from the top down.

In this groundbreaking book, organizational psychologist and executive coach Gena Cox delivers the message that humans vary, and human variation is normal. Yet true inclusion that embraces these variations remains elusive in the workplace. That traumatizing state of affairs will continue until executives lead inclusion from the top of the organization. Drawing on psychological science, interviews with corporate leaders, the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) experts, and her own experience in corporate America, Cox goes beyond the business case for diversity and answers the clarion call for human-centered organizational leadership.

Leading Inclusion is not a how-to book; it’s a how-to-be book—one that educates, challenges, and empowers you and your C-suite and board colleagues to lead a diverse workforce effectively. You’ll learn the historical facts that created the racial inequities and systemic injustices that show up in the workplace, even today. Leading Inclusion shows the importance of taking the pulse of all your employees, so you can identify meaningful actions to build an inclusive, respect-first organizational culture.

Your organization can make a visible, tangible difference that employees will see and feel. Leading Inclusion will empower you to change your organization— and America—one employee at a time.


“If you are an executive who intends to build an inclusive organization but doesn’t know where to start, Leading Inclusion will be uniquely helpful.”

Leading Inclusion is an incredibly compelling and well-grounded call to leaders, especially those in the C-suite, to lead differently—to lead inclusively.”

“Inclusive leadership is a business imperative. In this ideas-packed and humane book, Gena Cox explains how we can overcome feeble excuses and cultural ignorance to take the bold steps required to change our workplace reality, one employee at a time.”


“Gena Cox’s REDI methodology is among the most comprehensive and effective strategies available in our field. Reading and implementing her well-researched practices and internalizing the generous personal perspectives of this powerful Black woman leader will set your business up for success.”

“Few women of color can define the day-to-day workplace using a nuanced blend of personal experience, organizational psychology, and leadership effectiveness insights. Gena Cox has that unique voice and uses it in Leading Inclusion to reposition ‘diversity and inclusion’ as an executive leadership and organizational governance imperative.”

“Painstakingly researched yet practical, and nuanced yet digestible, Leading Inclusion is a must-read for every leader eager to build a culture of respect, equity, inclusion, and belonging.”


GENA COX is an organizational psychologist, executive coach, and speaker. She advises corporate executives, board directors, and DE&I leaders who want to build the inclusive work environments all employees deserve. She holds leadership roles in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and is on advisory boards of the University of South Florida’s Stavros Center and the University of Tampa’s TECO Center for Leadership.Gena holds a PhD in industrial and organizational psychology. Her ideas have been featured in national publications including Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Fast Company, Forbes, BBC Worklife, and The Business Journals. Gena lives in Florida, where she can hear the ocean as she rides her bicycle.

ISBN 978-1-77458-179-7
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Published October 11, 2022
5.5 × 8.5 312 Pages
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