Untying the Knot

Protecting Your Emotional and Financial Health During Divorce

Kelly LaVallie

Divorce sucks. Get help.

In this fresh, modern take on navigating divorce, CPA, CA, and divorce specialist Kelly LaVallie helps you weather the storm. With her pragmatic wisdom and compassionate humor, LaVallie shows you how to manage your thoughts and feelings so you can untangle your finances with a clear head and calm heart.

Discover how to:

  • manage your thinking so you can focus on the business of divorce
  • avoid getting caught up in blame and shame so you regain peace of mind
  • adopt healthy behaviors to lessen your overall suffering
  • hire a divorce A-team that will support and guide you through the process
  • create an interim plan to secure your financial health during your divorce
  • do your financial homework so you can negotiate your settlement wisely
  • reach the finish line ready to take on a new future

Divorce sucks. But you aren’t alone. Untying the Knot gives you the support you need to navigate your divorce with confidence.


“Kelly has written the book that I want to hand to all of my friends who are going through a divorce. They’ll humor me and read it because they are worried about financesbut they’ll love it because it will help heal their hearts. Highly recommended!”


“Twisted thoughts and hurt feelings make an already difficult life event even worse. That’s just a fact. And while everyone, almost universally, admits that divorce sucks, Kelly’s book gives practical advice on how to move past the ugly and gain the skills to come through the suck with what you need to move forward. (Plus, I like the pictures!) Untying the Knot is the gift to get back your power and sense of self during what LaVallie calls the biggest investment in your future.”  


Untying the Knot provides practical help to resolve the financial challenges that come with divorce. And just as important, it is comforting and empowering. A must-read if you are feeling insecure about your financial future.”

Kelly LaVallie is a CPA, CA, CFDS, and CDFA (a bunch of designations that demonstrate her financial and divorce expertise) whose advisory practice helps women navigate financially complex divorces. As a thought leader in the arena of modern divorce, Kelly calls for a measured and pragmatic approach to reduce the suffering that is often part of the global business of divorce. She augments her persuasive and empathetic vision of “untying the knot” with her personal experience, from growing up in a blended family and navigating her own divorce to becoming a parent in her own blended family. Kelly is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

ISBN 978-1-77458-231-2
$21.00 CAD $17.95 USD
Published February 1, 2022
5.5 × 8.5 240 Pages
Paperback, ebook