From international bestsellers like Michael Bungay Stanier’s The Coaching Habit to community-building publications for organizations like the Mastercard Foundation, our team has collectively published thousands of books. We’ve worked with authors on four continents and sold rights to our books in more than fifteen languages.

Your publishing partner

We publish a small, thoughtfully curated list of books so that we can give every project the individualized attention it deserves. From ideation to sales, we walk every step of the publishing journey with you.

What sets us apart

Our team of editors, designers, project managers, and sales and marketing professionals pay close attention to detail while giving you full control over every decision. You get access to the same sales and distribution channels as major multinational publishers—in print, digital, and audiobook formats around the world. You get the benefits and quality of working with a major publisher without giving up your intellectual property, or a share of your royalties.

Publishing tailored just for you

Our bespoke approach to professional publishing means we adapt to meet the individual needs of each author, whether you’re starting with a rough idea or a complete manuscript. Our award-winning team excels at creating books of all types, from text-driven paperbacks to richly illustrated hardcovers. We will help you shape the book you’ve always dreamed of creating.

To market, and beyond

Page Two books are sold around the world both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. We have a team of 100+ sales representatives through our distributors, Macmillan and Raincoast Books, plus 25 agents selling translations on our behalf. We also have a dedicated team member managing corporate sales and a team of savvy marketing professionals who will ensure your book gets noticed throughout the world.

Let’s explore what we can do together.