Let's Grow, Girl! by Shari Owen Brown

Let’s Grow, Girl!

Your Network Marketing Playbook Where You Get Paid to Be You

Shari Owen Brown

The mascara millionaire’s guide to network marketing and sales success.

Do you long for a lucrative career free from the constraints of the nine-to-five work world while affording you and your family the lifestyle you dream of?

In this fun, irreverent, and practical playbook, mascara millionaire and network marketing maven Shari Owen Brown gives you the insight and know-how you need to start and grow a successful career in direct sales.

It all starts with how you think. Let’s Grow, Girl! introduces you to the five aspects of mindset that set you up for success. Through personal stories from Brown’s stellar career journey and examples of the remarkable women she has coached, she shows you how to establish a rock-solid foundation for your business. You’ll learn:

  • how what makes you weird is your greatest gift
  • how to move from insecurities to influence and impact
  • how to move in the direction of every opportunity
  • the nuts and bolts of how to build your network and make serious MONEY

Based on the curriculum Brown teaches in workshops online and around the world, Let’s Grow, Girl! is a direct-selling bible for success! Thousands of women have already followed Shari Brown’s coaching. Now, it’s your turn!


“Shari Owen Brown is a rare breed of leader who can be both extremely relatable and aspirational. I’ve seen Shari inspire and lead with an unbreakable spirit focused on helping others accomplish their goals, not her own. I’ve always said that the secret to success for a leader is to care more about the success of others than their own, and no one exemplifies this more than Shari. I’m very blessed to have had Shari as a top leader in our company for the past many years and look forward to many more.”

“I had just started my business and was clueless as to where to start. I came across a video of a woman demonstrating products in her bathroom. She was magnetic and real, and I immediately knew I could do this. Shari Owen Brown gave me the courage to start exactly as I am through that one authentic video, and my life literally changed forever. She has continued to help me grow professionally and personally through her trainings and teachings. I would not be where I am today without her mentorship.”

“Shari Owen Brown is the leader of leaders! Her combination of authenticity, humor, and a no-nonsense approach to your business and your life makes her a woman to follow, model, and learn from. Her stories and humor are her signature teaching style, and reading this book is like having Shari at your kitchen table! Whether you’re trying to learn how to build a large team or balance it all, Shari will pull from her successes and failures, and guide you through growth with ease and laughter.”


Let’s Grow, Girl! is a breath of fresh air! Shari Owen Brown has a way of making what we do in this industry simplified and human. Women need more of this—encouragement to build a sustaining business in a way that is duplicatable and attainable for anyone! It truly is a playbook. I will be recommending it to all of my team members!”

“Shari Owen Brown just has a way of making you feel like she’s talking to her best friend! Her witty sense of humor mixed with her relatable stories make for a fun, easy read packed full of useful and practical tips to apply to your business (and life)! She captivated me with her words, drew me in, and kept me wanting to read, so I could hear more! Anyone in this business needs to read this book!”


SHARI OWEN BROWN is an entrepreneur, speaker, stay-at-home mom, and self-made multimillionaire. She became network marketing company Younique’s first mascara millionaire, and remains one of the company’s top earners, leading a team of over 400,000 women. She regularly speaks to thousands of women across the U.S., Canada, and Europe to share her insights and training on direct sales. Shari lives in her small hometown in Southern California with her husband, two children, and Bella the dog. sharibrown.com

ISBN 978-1-77458-072-1
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Published June 28, 2022
5.5 × 8.5 206 Pages
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