How does the project unfold?

We build a close, collaborative relationship with our authors. Within one month of signing the contract, we hold a project kickoff meeting that includes key members of your publishing team: one of our founders and our sales director plus a dedicated project manager, editor, designer, and marketing lead. Then, we hold a series of milestone meetings to discuss in detail everything from book positioning to your manuscript structure and content, design, distribution, and marketing. In between, we’ll send you material to review and comment on—and we invite your questions and feedback any time along the way.

How long will it take to publish my book?

Typically, your book will be published 10 to 12 months after you’ve completed the manuscript. If you need something done on a rush schedule, though, let us know when you write to us. We’ll see what we can do!

Who will I be working with?

We take a personalized, hands-on approach to our work. You’ll collaborate with several different team members, including your project manager, editor, proofreader, designer, and marketing lead. Your project manager will be your primary contact, but you’ll work closely with every member of your team over the course of the project.

Where are your books sold?

Our books are sold and distributed in the English language through all major online retailers and through physical bookstores, including chains, independents, mass market stores, airport stores, libraries, college and university bookstores, and specialty retailers around the world. We also have a network of 25 co-agents who market our books for translation globally.

What makes you different?

We’re a premium publisher with an award-winning, top-tier team. We’ve collectively published over 1,000 books, and we bring that expertise to your project while putting you in the driver’s seat of your own publishing strategy. We specialize in helping experts publish brilliant books, and at every stage we aim for commercial success and maximum impact on your brand and business. We have the most powerful sales and distribution in the industry, as well as a truly global reach.

Will I still own my intellectual property if I work with you?

Yes. We believe wholeheartedly that our authors should retain ownership of their IP, and we don’t license your rights to the book. You retain creative control in our process and make all final publishing decisions, but with a team of experts guiding you. Everything we create belongs to you, and you’re free to use the book content in keynotes, online training, and any other form that will serve you and your business. This creates a dynamic in which we’re both your partner and a service provider whose mandate is to deliver excellent service to you and your readers.

What kind of marketing do you do?

We have a talented team of marketing professionals who can handle many different types of marketing campaigns, depending on your needs and what resources you already have in place. At a foundational level, we develop the marketing strategy and campaign timeline with you, and give you one-on-one guidance on everything from preorder campaigns to how to keep the momentum going post-launch. We also run digital advertising campaigns, media campaigns, and social media campaigns; develop assets such as websites, social media banners, and postcards; and much more.

Can you handle my corporate sales?

Yes. We have a team member who manages direct sales of print books and ebooks from end to end. We can warehouse books for your corporate needs, handle fulfilment to your clients, and manage invoicing, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

What is your business model?

We quote a fee for our services and invoice on deliverables over the course of our work together. You receive 90–100% of net receipts on book sales. It’s an entrepreneurial model in which you invest in your work—and if the book succeeds, you stand to earn much more on book sales than you would in most publishing scenarios.

What does it cost to work with you?

We’re a boutique publishing company that doesn’t work from templates or try to fit our clients’ books into pre-existing formats. Everything we do is custom-made to meet your needs. As a result, the fees we charge to produce a book vary depending on factors like the book’s length, complexity, marketing needs, and timeline. We can send you a service list that outlines our range of services and fees.

What is the return on investment from working with you?

Our authors enter into their publishing projects with many different goals—for instance, to reach a specific number of sales or Amazon reviews, or to be recognized by a certain body within their field. So, the ROI is different for everybody, and will depend on your specific goals as well as how much energy you put into your book sales and marketing. This case study about our author Phil M. Jones is an example of one interpretation of ROI.

What happens after I contact you?

If your project sounds like a fit for us, we’ll arrange a meeting with one of our co-founders. This meeting is a chance for us to learn more about your book, and for you to learn more about Page Two. Ask us any questions you like!

We’ll be interested in learning more about:

  • Your book concept
  • Your target audience
  • Your background
  • Why you’re writing the book (your goals)
  • What publishing success will look like to you

If it seems like we’re the right fit, we’ll prepare a proposal outlining exactly how we can help you, including a breakdown of services and fees.