The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Becoming Wildly Successful, Creative, and Free

Susie deVille

The strongest lifeline is the one that leads you back to the gut of who you truly are.

You’re burned out, lost, and rudderless. Susie deVille was where you may be now: drowning in debt, in the grip of unhealthy habits, with a marriage and business that had come crashing against the rocks.

Today she is thriving. Not only did she dig out from debt, she paid for her children’s educations in cash, funded her retirement, and embraced a healthy and joyful lifestyle. Most of all, by reconnecting with her creativity, she reclaimed her confident, true self and discovered how to draw her ideal clients right to her. And in Buoyant, she teaches how you, too, can tap into your innate creativity to find your way back to feeling more alive as you effortlessly connect with and captivate your market.

In this transformational guide, deVille shares life-changing insights and exercises, along with her personal journey and those of clients, to take you on a Creative Rebel’s Voyage™. As you travel this path, you’ll discover how to transmute feelings of overwhelm and fear into decisive action and confidence.

The prevalent advice to entrepreneurs is broken: go all-in, maximize productivity at all costs, and live to work. There is a much easier path to success, joy, and flow. It’s time to wake up, stir your soul, and reach your intuitive longings. Will you accept the grand adventure of living your inspired, true nature?


“When entrepreneurs want to grow, they often think they have to work harder and faster which leads to burnout and depletion. Susie deVille shows another way: by understanding our unique voice and vision and tapping the natural patterns of our creativity, we generate sustained energy, strategic clarity, and ease while we grow.”

Buoyant is exactly what a creative thinker needs to help them gain control of their journey and get back on track.”

Buoyant demonstrates how to break through blocks or stuckness using creativity as the overarching tool. But don’t be intimidated by the limiting belief that you are not creative. There are doable exercises to walk you through the process.”


Buoyant will alter the way you view the world around you, the way you regard your own abilities, and will unlock your potential through creative activity. Susie deVille inspires us, through a series of exercises, to see the world of subtleties we may ordinarily ignore. The reader is guided into a consciousness of appreciation—greater appreciation results in greater creativity, no matter the application—and takes us into a new understanding of ourselves.”

“A supportive and reflective guide for entrepreneurs to help release the creativity that has been hiding inside of us. Buoyant helps us leverage our creativity in a bigger way so we can create a stronger business filled with new ideas and attract our ideal clients.”


SUSIE DEVILLE is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build wildly successful businesses by rediscovering their creativity and leveraging the power of their true nature. An author, coach, and entrepreneur who built and sold a highly profitable real estate firm, she has been researching innovation and creativity since 2005. She is the founder and CEO of the Innovation & Creativity Institute and trained as a coach with Dr. Martha Beck. She lives in Highlands, NC. innovationandcreativityinstitute.com

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Published September 6, 2022
5.5 × 8.5 296 Pages
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