How author Mike Lipkin turned a setback into a breakthrough

Most authors would see a print-run delay as a huge inconvenience. But Mike Lipkin, president of Environics/Lipkin, believes it saved his book.

Successful self-employment with Jeffrey Shaw

We’re thrilled to be working with Jeffrey Shaw on his May 2021 release, The Self-Employed Life, in which he shares his deep wisdom and insight to help others achieve the level of success they dream of.

Holding Space with Heather Plett

A few years ago, Heather Plett wrote a blog post that resonated across the globe. The viral post described her experience of learning what it means to hold space—the practice of compassionately witnessing, accepting, and supporting someone without judgement—by witnessing how the palliative care nurse cared for her mother in her final days.

Advance Praise: Why You Want It & How to Get Endorsements for Your Book

We’ve all seen them: ringing endorsements from famous people (and those we’ve never heard of, but who are likely famous in some circle we should know about) lining the front and back covers of books, sometimes even filling the first few pages.

What Makes a Book a Bestseller

We’re often asked how books get onto bestseller lists. Do you need to sell a certain number of books? Is there a mysterious algorithm you need to crack? What is the secret of bestselling authors?

Your Book Can Be Successful Without Being a Bestseller


Today we spoke with a writer who asked, “Doesn’t every author want a bestseller?”

Believe it or not, the answer is no.

We work with people who publish books for a wide variety of reasons: some want the additional revenue of a book; some want to share information as broadly as possible; some want the credibility a book can confer that may lead to bigger speaking engagements, more consulting contracts, and a higher profile in their fields.

Special Guest Post: 7 Critical Questions to Ask When Hiring a Book Publicist

Choosing a publicist to promote your book is an important decision. A book publicist who fits your working method – and book’s subject matter – can significantly increase your book’s chances of receiving media coverage, and also ensure you have a positive experience.

Tips for Planning a Successful Book Launch Party



In today’s publishing world – where so much happens digitally and virtually – a book launch party might seem like a quaint and outdated idea. Why go to the trouble of hosting an event when you can promote the book online?

Making the Most of Your Big Mouth List

In the book trade, some of the most coveted supporters a book can have are “big mouth booksellers” – booksellers who can hand-sell the book to customers and generate interest through word of mouth.

Your Book Proposal: How to Write a Competitive Title Analysis


When our clients are drafting book proposals, many of them tell us that the section that confounds them the most is the market competition section. After all, who enjoys staring their competition in the face?

Enhancing Your Author Website: Tips for Adding Fresh, Effective Content

We recently gave our Page Two website a refresh and an update. It took months of planning and writing, and it required the expertise of some of our close collaborators.

How to Market Your Self-Published Book

So you’re publishing your book and you’re wondering how to make it stand out from the other 600,000 new books published in North America over the last year. You’re not alone. One of the biggest issues publishers and self-publishers are grappling with these days is how to make readers aware that their books exist.