How to Market Your Self-Published Book

Oct 10, 2014
Red hardcover book with flipping pages
Photo courtesy Horia Varlan, Flickr Commons

So you’re publishing your book and you’re wondering how to make it stand out from the other 600,000 new books published in North America over the last year. You’re not alone. One of the biggest issues publishers and self-publishers are grappling with these days is how to make readers aware that their books exist. Discoverability is the common industry buzzword for this challenge. Visibility is a less jargon-laden name for it.

On November 22, Page Two and ZG Communications will be hosting a daylong workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia, called How to Market Your Self-Published Book: Expert Tools for Launching, Promoting, and Selling Your Work. We’ll arm participants with the tools they need to increase the visibility of their own books.

Over the course of the day, we’ll cover:

  • Strategy: How to create a practical, insightful marketing plan to promote your book.
  • Timing: When to execute which parts of your campaign
  • Budget: How much can self-publishing cost and how best to allocate your marketing budget
  • Distribution: How to get your book into bookstores – and whether you should try  – and whether Kindle Select is really the best way to distribute your ebook
  • Direct sales: How to maximize your income by selling direct to your readers
  • Book essentials: Understanding your target audience, writing sales copy, choosing categories, pricing
  • Pitching traditional media and bloggers: Finding your media hook, choosing who to pitch, and how to make your pitch stand out
  • Social media: Understanding which platforms are most valuable for your book and where to focus your energy; whether to consider paid advertising
  • Tips for launching your book: How to increase your visibility and quickly build sales and buzz on publication day.

For more information or to register, click here. And if you have any questions about how the workshop will unfold, don’t hesitate to email us.