I spy with Andrew Kirsch

Plenty of people make career changes. But there are few folks whose professional trajectory includes a decade-long stint as a spy.

Getting fit for leadership with Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann and Lillian So

Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann and Lillian So inspire busy leaders to nurture their minds and bodies as much as they nurture their careers.

Honoring the past with Joe Gold

Two Pieces of Cloth pieces together the remarkable true story of Joe Gold’s parents’ survival through WWII.

How to Help Your Designer Create the Best Book Cover: An Interview with Page Two Art Director Peter Cocking

For a lot of authors, seeing their book cover is one of the most exciting parts of the process. In a dream scenario, your designer delivers your cover and you absolutely love it.

Tips for Publishing a Beautiful Coffee-Table Book: How to Save Time and Money

Publishing coffee-table books with photographs and illustrations can be a complicated and costly endeavour especially if you’re creating an edition with high production values. Here are some insider tips from our brilliant art director, Peter Cocking, on how to save time and money when producing high-end books:

Use your designer wisely

If you have the budget, hire an experienced designer to design your book.

Three Tips for Interior Book Design: What Self-Publishers Should Know

When it’s done well, interior book design can have a great impact on your reader’s enjoyment. Good interior book design in a book isn’t usually obvious: the thoughtful decisions the designer has made in placing and presenting text are often invisible to the reader, and that’s the point.

Peter Cocking Wins 2014 Alcuin Awards for Book Design

Congratulations to Peter Cocking, Page Two’s design associate, who has won two 2014 Alcuin Awards for book design. He took first prize in the Reference category for The Dirty Apron Cookbook, and honourable mention in Pictorial for the art book Susan Point.

Ebook Conversion and Design: Best Practices and Innovations

The world of ebook conversion is mysterious to most of us. It’s difficult to imagine what goes into designing a file that’s versatile enough for display on many different devices. The standard ebook file format is called ePub, and it’s designed to be responsive and to automatically adjust to the screen size of any e-reader, computer, smartphone or tablet.