Sandra Butt’s The Two Sisters a B.C. Bestseller

Congratulations to Sandra Butt, whose illustrated book The Two Sisters has made the B.C. bestseller list!

For the first time, Pauline Johnson’s “The Two Sisters,” a First Nations legend, is accompanied by sumptuous illustrations that showcase the splendour of the Salish Sea.

Eleanor McCain’s True North: The Canadian Songbook Releases as Bestseller

We’re thrilled to share that True North: The Canadian Songbook releases today, and it launched as an bestselling book!

In this book, renowned singer Eleanor McCain showcases Canada’s most iconic songs through word and image.

December Round-Up: The Incredible Books of 2016

December is a great time for reflecting on the year behind us. Here at Page Two, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the incredible books our clients published in 2016—over thirty of them! Several have landed on “Best of 2016” book lists, several have been bestsellers, and several have won or been shortlisted for awards.

The Value of Excellent Self-Publishing Support (or: Don’t Miss Any Great Opportunities)


Our client Michael Bungay Stanier is one of those savvy authors who knows how to write brilliant books and who also knows how to make the most of the support he enlists to produce them.

Publishing Trends: the Year of the Adult Colouring Book

A publishing industry trend is hard to predict. Who could have known that a boy wizard would take the world by storm, or that Fifty Shades would bring erotica further into the mainstream than ever before?

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone: Building Your Publishing Team

We sometimes feel the term “self-publishing” is a misnomer. It implies that you have to do it all yourself, which makes some writers feel overwhelmed. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone!