Page Two Talks Self-Publishing with the CBC

Page Two’s Jesse Finkelstein was featured in a recent article by the CBC, discussing publishing’s ongoing transformations and the shifting perception toward self-publishing. “It’s no longer about the vanity press. This is really about the fact that there are more great book ideas and more opportunities for excellent book execution than there are publishers, so why not join together to make this happen,” Finkelstein said.

From Quill & Quire: Page Two Publishing Agency Launches Its First Title, a Pokémon Go Guide

Vancouver-based publishing agency Page Two Strategies has found success with the first commissioned title released on its new in-house imprint, Page Two Books. The Unofficial Pokémon Go! Tracker’s Guide: Finding the Rarest Pokémon and Strangest PokéStops on the Planet
‚ conceived by Page Two co-founders Trena White and Jesse Finkelstein‚ has sold 30,000 copies of its initial print run in Canada, with the remaining 30,000 to be sold across the U.S., U.K., Asia‚ and Australia.

Publishing Trends: the Year of the Adult Colouring Book

A publishing industry trend is hard to predict. Who could have known that a boy wizard would take the world by storm, or that Fifty Shades would bring erotica further into the mainstream than ever before?

Surprise: Millennials Are Devoted to Print Books


Last week a university professor asked us, “Will print books still exist in ten years?” It was a provocative question intended to spark discussion. But when we stated emphatically that yes, of course they will, he wasn’t convinced.

Ebook Conversion and Design: Best Practices and Innovations

The world of ebook conversion is mysterious to most of us. It’s difficult to imagine what goes into designing a file that’s versatile enough for display on many different devices. The standard ebook file format is called ePub, and it’s designed to be responsive and to automatically adjust to the screen size of any e-reader, computer, smartphone or tablet.

Page Two in Publishing Perspectives: “How Publishing Traditions Inform Innovation”

We had the opportunity to look back on Page Two’s first year in an editorial for Publishing Perspectives. Upon reflection, we realized that the work we’ve done on even our most non-traditional projects has deep roots in industry traditions, and our most digitally-minded clients appreciate the benefits of time-tested publishing practices.

Page Two’s First Anniversary Featured on Publishing @ SFU

October 3 marks Page Two’s first anniversary and SFU Publishing Associate Professor Monique Sherrett has honoured the event with her recent post, “Page Two Turns One.” She looks back on Page Two’s first year and also shares what’s taking shape for the year ahead

Sherrett writes, “The focused, yet nimble, nature of Page Two is apparent when looking at their strategic publishing projects over the first year.

What We Talk about When We Talk about Books

There has been much debate over the ebook pricing dispute that’s emerged between retail giant Amazon and Hachette, a large multinational publisher. The issue could have enduring and serious consequences for the industry, and the stakes feel high.

Page Two in Vancouver Sun: “Turning the page on tradition”

Page Two was quoted in this Vancouver Sun article about self-publishing in the city.

Journalist Shawn Conner writes: “Helping writers navigate these sometimes confusing waters is Page Two Strategies, a Vancouver-based company founded by Trena White and Jesse Finkelstein.

The Fight for Creativity

Yesterday we attended a thought-provoking talk by an excellent speaker: Darren Dahl, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and professor of marketing and behavioural science at UBC’s Sauder School of Business. The event was hosted by the Professional Women’s Network, and it was called, “what’s the point of creativity?” Darren addressed the role of creativity in business: why it’s important, how it can lead to innovation and how it can push us to do things we never previously dreamed of doing. 

Reaching the Reader: Direct-to-Consumer Marketing through New Publishing Partnerships

A pervasive characteristic of the digital shift in publishing is the attempt to connect directly with readers. Every publisher, and every self-publishing author, is urged to consider carefully not only who their target readers are, but also how to reach them directly.