Page Two in Vancouver Sun: “Turning the page on tradition”

Apr 22, 2014
Topics: News

Page Two was quoted in this Vancouver Sun article about self-publishing in the city.

Journalist Shawn Conner writes: “Helping writers navigate these sometimes confusing waters is Page Two Strategies, a Vancouver-based company founded by Trena White and Jesse Finkelstein. They both come from a traditional publishing background. ‘Basically, we work with an author based on what their needs are,’ White said.

“‘With each author, we’re looking at what the book is, and figuring out the best format for it. Should this be an ebook, should it be a paperback, should it be a hardcover, is the content better delivered as a series of online tutorials. It depends on the person and what the book is.’

“Page Two recently helped local addictions therapist (and Vancouver Sun columnist) Michael Pond publish his book, The Couch of Willingness: An Alcoholic Therapist Battles the Bottle and a Broken Recovery System. The book is out on a new platform, Everywhere Now, which was established this year by author Claudia Casper.

“Page Two doesn’t have set packages. ‘We’ll design custom plans for our authors,’ White said. ‘If they need marketing support, we can connect them with marketers whom we know are fantastic and will do a great job. We ourselves don’t market or design the books, but we’ll pull together a team of people who can.'”

You can read the full article here.