Page Two in Publishing Perspectives: “How Publishing Traditions Inform Innovation”

Oct 24, 2014
Topics: News
Jesse Finkelstein and Trena White, Principals, Page Two

We had the opportunity to look back on Page Two’s first year in an editorial for Publishing Perspectives. Upon reflection, we realized that the work we’ve done on even our most non-traditional projects has deep roots in industry traditions, and our most digitally-minded clients appreciate the benefits of time-tested publishing practices. Here’s a snapshot of some of those traditions influencing today’s innovators:

  • most writers still don’t consider themselves authors until they produce a long-form piece of work,
  • the most successful marketing campaigns exist on- and offline,
  • self-publishing does not mean doing it all alone,
  • print is still viewed with permanence and authority.

You can read the full Publishing Perspectives article here.