Toasting new translation deals!

Sep 8, 2020

We’re raising our glasses of baiju, sake, riesling, arak, and vodka to toast the latest translation rights deals for Page Two authors! Special thanks to our translation rights associate, Stephanie Sinclair, of Transatlantic Agency, for making it possible for our authors to extend their reach around the globe. Here is a roundup of these most recent deals:

Jeff Booth’s The Price of Tomorrow: Complex Chinese rights were sold to Good Publishing, Korean rights to KPI Publishing, Portuguese rights to Best or Nothing Editoria, and German rights to Aprycot Media.

David Priemer’s Sell the Way You Buy: Italian rights sold to Roi Edizioni. Previously, Korean rights went to Freelec, and Simplified Chinese rights to Xiron.

Justin Bariso’s EQ Applied: Arabic rights sold to Jarir Bookstore Previously, Spanish rights went to Sirio, Polish rights to Rebis, Turkish rights to Sola Yayinlari, Complex Chinese rights to China Times, Simplified Chinese rights to United Creadion, Russian rights to Bombora; Czech rights to Metafora, Vietnamese rights to 1980 Books, Italian rights to Unicomunicazione, German rights to Franz Vahlen, Bulgarian rights to Hermes, Portuguese rights to Porto, Thai rights to Wara, Korean rights to Kyohakdoseo, and audio rights to Tantor.

Chris Ducker’s Rise of the Youpreneur: Japanese rights sold to Direct Publishing.

Scott Berkun’s How Design Makes the World: Korean rights sold to Turning Point, and Japanese rights to Filmart-sha.

Dr. Diane McIntosh’s This Is Depression: Russian rights sold to Discourse.