Sell the Way You Buy

A Modern Approach to Sales That Actually Works (Even on You!)

David Priemer

When was the last time you enjoyed talking to a salesperson?

While a vice president at Salesforce, David Priemer had an epiphany: the very sales tactics his team was using were not working on him. While the company—and his entire profession—was acting with more than enough gusto, they lacked emotional awareness and empathy. Put simply: they were not selling the way they buy.

The truth is that, as buyers, we’re not often aware of the pathways and mechanisms by which we make purchasing decisions, and customers aren’t always sure about what they want or need. In Sell the Way You Buy, Priemer reveals scientifically supported methods of understanding your customer, identifying their needs, and moving them toward the right solution, all while avoiding the behaviors that make the average person dislike salespeople. Sell the Way You Buy is about much more than putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. It’s about learning how to ask questions, how to listen, how to tell a compelling brand story, and how to talk to customers in a human way that truly connects. In short, you’ll learn to sell the way you buy.


“Not only does this book offer a new perspective on bringing empathy to the customer journey, it does so with humor and style. Highly readable and filled with valuable insights, David Priemer’s Sell the Way You Buy takes the lessons of behavioral and psychological sciences and applies them to the selling and buying process. In a world where we are all salespeople, this is a book you can’t afford to be without!”

“At a time where buyers are getting harder to reach, anyone looking to build a modern sales playbook would do well to read Sell the Way You Buy. David Priemer combines the science of decision-making and human behavior to create a deeper understanding of how consumers think, feel, and behave. The tactics he shares are powerful and rooted in empathy. Empathy wins over all else in the sales game.”

“The world of buying and selling is changing so quickly and only those businesses that are ready to adapt and change will survive in the long run. In Sell the Way You Buy, David Priemer cuts through the noise and focuses on the core part of any sales motion: human-to-human communication. By retooling the sales tactics your organization is already employing with healthy doses of science and empathy, Priemer shows you how to keep up with this pace of change by connecting with your customers on a more human level.”

“We are living in an on-demand world, where people have countless options and competition is tougher than ever. In Sell the Way You Buy, David Priemer breaks down how to adapt to the way people buy, and expect to be sold to, today. This book is a must-read for sales leaders and individual contributors looking to level up their teams and themselves.”


“David Priemer has done his homework! In this highly researched and well-written book, Priemer combines his years of experience building high-performance sales teams with principles of science, empathy, and business thinking into a new paradigm of selling: one that is more human and puts the customer’s experience at the heart of the sales process. Priemer’s tactics will empower you to help your customers find the solutions they need and make you feel good about how you did it.”

“Whether you’re a salesperson, business leader, or entrepreneur, connecting with your customers on a more human level has never been more important. But communicating your big ideas with conviction and emotion, getting customers to open up about their needs, and overcoming objections can be tough! Enter David Priemer with this fascinating book that draws from the latest research on the science of business and human behavior to take you into the mind of the modern buyer, and connect with them using modern tactics that actually work.”

“Whether you’ve been in sales for years or are just starting out, Sell the Way You Buy will change the way you approach the customer relationship for the better. David Priemer’s insights, informed by his years as a top sales leader and trainer, combined with the latest research in psychological and behavioral sciences, will not only help you close more deals, but also enable you to find a deeper, more empathetic way of connecting with your buyers with tactics that really do work. A must-read for anyone in sales!”

Sell the Way You Buy is a masterpiece. Engaging, educational, and practical throughout, this is a must-read for anyone who cares about success in sales.”

“Over the past few years, the data we’ve accumulated from analyzing thousands of selling interactions has revealed some surprising trends and patterns around the tactics used by top-performing salespeople. In Sell the Way You Buy, David Priemer breaks down the science behind why these tactics work, creating a powerful and easy-to-follow blueprint for both new and experienced sellers to connect with modern buyers. A highly valuable resource for anyone looking to infuse data-proven approaches into their sales motion.”


David Priemer is widely recognized as a thought leader in the area of sales and sales leadership and has been published in Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review as well as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. magazines. He has led top-performing sales teams at high-growth start-ups and is a former VP of Salesforce, where he created the Sales Leadership Academy program. Often referred to as the “Sales Professor,” David helps organizations drive revenue growth, develop leaders, and create winning cultures by infusing the core principles of science, empathy, and execution into their sales operations. He is also an adjunct professor at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. He blogs at

ISBN 978-1-989603-20-8
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Published April 7, 2020
6 × 9 288 Pages
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