Can Self-Publishing Lead to a Book Deal?


We’ve all heard stories of writers who self-published a book and went on to sign a big deal with a major publisher. One of the most famous examples is Amanda Hocking, a thirty-something paranormal romance writer who self-published nine books that sold over a million copies.

Self-Publishing versus Traditional Publishing: Eight Questions to Help You Choose

These days there’s an endless barrage of articles about why traditional publishers are horrible (they’re not.), and why self-publishing is a bad idea (it’s not).

Self-Publishers and Traditional Houses: Grudging Acquaintances or Opponents?

Never mind who killed JFK and whether 9/11 was an inside job. Here’s a new conspiracy for you. At a recent writers’ workshop we attended, a participant told us that she suspected traditional publishers had funded this blog post besmirching renowned self-publishing authors for purchasing Amazon reviews of their books.