Announcing New Client Kim Bolan

We’re thrilled to announce that Page Two principal Trena White is now representing award-winning investigative journalist Kim Bolan through our alliance with Transatlantic Agency.

Kim Bolan covers gangs and organized crime for Vancouver Sun, where she has worked since 1984.

Announcing Agency Clients Jason Partridge and Ujwal Arkalgud

We are pleased to welcome agency clients Jason Partridge and Ujwal Arkalgud, represented by Page Two principal Jesse Finkelstein in partnership with Transatlantic Agency. Ujwal and Jason are writing a book that aims to change the way business leaders think about human motivation and disrupt the research industry as it stands today.

Pitching Your Book without an Agent

A couple of weeks ago, we blogged about whether you need a literary agent to get a book deal. Let’s say you decide you want to pitch publishers directly.

Do You Need a Literary Agent to Get a Book Deal?

The benefits of having a literary agent are significant: they explain the publishing world to you, shape your book ideas and proposals, negotiate your deals and parse your contracts, and open doors to publishers that you might not be able to access yourself, among other things.

Misconceptions Writers Have of Literary Agents

We’ve noticed newer authors often don’t quite understand the role of a literary agent. So we asked some of our colleagues at Transatlantic Agency to debunk some of the myths they’ve noticed writers have of literary agents.

The Top Four Reasons Literary Agents Don’t Respond to Your Query


When we first became literary agents through Transatlantic Agency after years on the publishing side of the business, we diligently responded to every query we received from writers.

What a Literary Agent Really Does

When we became literary agents, an inquisitive child we know asked if we’d have to start wearing hats. It took us a while to realize why he was asking that question. In many of the cartoons he’d watched, agents have a specific role: they are secret agents — mysterious people wearing fedoras and trench coats, whose briefcases contain intelligence that can crack open big cases and change the world.

Agenting isn’t So Different from Publishing after all

People often ask us if we’re aspiring writers, or if we ever wanted to be. It always feels like a bit of a shocking question. We understand why people ask: a strong admiration of a craft often leads to a desire to practice it.