How Much Do Publishers Typically Pay?


One of the burning questions for most writers hoping to get a book deal is: what kind of advance will I get? We’ve written before about the sobering state of writers’ incomes.

Guidelines for Crowdfunding a Book

Last year Canadian poet and spoken word artist Shane Koyczan aimed to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter to fund his next poetry book. He ended up raising over $90,000. When it works, as it did for him, crowdfunding is a great way to cover the costs of editing, design, website development, and other costs associated with self-publishing.

Five Things Canadian Writers Should Know about Income Tax

At this time of year, writers across Canada are scrambling to organize their receipts and invoices before filing their income taxes. Maybe some of you are kicking yourselves for not being better organized, or you’re wondering if you have a handle on your finances. 

Income Potential for Writers (or Why Wallace Stevens Kept His Day Job)

A friend recently attended a lecture given by a well-known Canadian novelist who stated that it’s virtually impossible to earn a living writing books. It was not a surprising statement to make, but coming from this particular author – an award-winning novelist with a significant profile in Canada and abroad – it was jarring to many in the audience.