How do you say “Bestseller” in 8 different languages?

May 14, 2019

If you hear some strange pronunciations coming from the Page Two offices, it’s because we’re practicing saying “bestseller” in a multitude of languages!

We’re celebrating the latest translation rights deals secured by our fantastic translation rights associate, Stephanie Sinclair of Transatlantic Agency, that will enable our Page Two authors to connect with readers around the globe:

EQ Applied by Justin Bariso: Korean rights sold to Green Light, Italian rights to Unicomunicazione, and Portuguese rights to Porto

Exactly What to Say by Phil M. Jones: Spanish rights sold to Ediciones Urano, Japanese rights to Pan Rolling, and Polish rights to MT Bizness

The Four Noble Truths of Love by Susan Piver: Vietnamese rights sold to ThaiHa Books

Labyrinth by Pawel Motyl: Russian rights sold to Piter

The Connector’s Advantage by Michelle Tillis Lederman: Korean rights sold to Uknowbooks

How to Wash a Chicken by Tim Calkins: Taiwanese rights sold to Heliopolis

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