Get ready for Indigenous Relations, the sequel to 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act

May 6, 2019
Bob Joseph Indigenous Relations

It’s the sequel Canada’s been waiting for! Page Two author Bob Joseph, Hereditary chief and Indigenous relations trainer, took the publishing world by storm last year with his national bestseller, 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act, an eye-opening book that illuminated the repercussions of Canada’s Indian Act on generations of Indigenous Peoples.

Now comes his highly anticipated follow-up: Indigenous Relations: Insights, Tips & Suggestions to Make Reconciliation a Reality, an indispensable guide to working more effectively with Indigenous People–in the workplace, in the boardroom, and in government.

Where 21 Things laid out the damages done by the Indian Act, Indigenous Relations maps out a path to undoing those damages, with an eight-part process for businesses and governments to work more effectively with Indigenous Peoples.

It’s already receiving high praise from industry leaders, including gas provider FortisBC’s Bruce Falstead, Manager of Aboriginal Initiatives, who has worked with Indigenous communites for 30 years, and calls it “a very important and valuable book for everyone who works with Indigenous Peoples.”

At a time when governments and industry are stumbling toward true reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, Bob Joseph outlines how we can find a respectful and meaningful way forward. We’re so proud to be working with Bob on these important books.