Three Colors, Twelve Notes

The Alchemy of Curiosity, Creativity, and Human-Centered Leadership

Catherine Harrison

Do you want to say “yes” to life more often?

Three Colors, Twelve Notes is a memoir and a guidebook for the curious and those who want to learn how to go for it. Catherine Harrison shares personal stories as an artist, business leader, and regular human to show us why trying new things should be a lifelong pursuit. She also invites the reader to participate in reflections of their own.

Three Colors, Twelve Notes shows us how every interaction is an opportunity to gather more insight and how every experience is a moment to learn. By noticing and reflecting on our habits, behaviors, patterns, and triggers, we can all connect the dots and learn to leverage curiosity and expand our awareness. Getting comfortable with oneself is complicated, and sometimes messy, but it enables meaningful growth, creativity, and tangible results in both life and career, for ourselves and those around us.

With a welcoming and warm approach, Three Colors, Twelve Notes encourages readers to find the best in themselves, and reconnect to their inner confidence and creativity.


“Catherine Harrison challenges the reader to be curious, to be courageous, and to let their imagination soar.”

“A masterfully written account that connects the reader to their own sense of possibility.”

“Those who make a habit of looking for meaning and transformation in unusual places will enjoy this curious little book.”

“Navigating uncertainty in our lives isn’t easy, and this book gives us hope and confidence to unleash our creative side.”


“All people managers—from newly minted leaders to C-suite executives—should read this book.”

“Read this book to learn how to blend those three colors and play those twelve notes your own way, for yourself, and for everyone else too.”


Catherine Harrison is the founder and president of Purple Voodoo, a performance and behavior change company that helps individuals and organizations adapt, perform, and thrive. She is a certified professional coach, behavior change specialist, expert facilitator, seasoned team leader, and strategic connector of dots. She is a songwriter/musician, author, painter, environmentalist, and mother based in Toronto. She has decades of experience as both a corporate professional and a multi-disciplinary artist.

ISBN 978-1-77458-018-9
$19.95 CAD $15.95 USD
Published November 17, 2020
5.25 × 8 320 Pages
Paperback, ebook