The Self-Employed Life

Business and Personal Development Strategies That Create Sustainable Success

Jeffrey Shaw

The definitive guide for self-employed business owners

Faced with uncontrollable circumstances, from a change in market demand to a global pandemic, being self-employed can sometimes feel less like you’re running the show, and more like the show is running you. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Small-business consultant, entrepreneur coach, and acclaimed portrait photographer Jeffrey Shaw—TEDx speaker and host of the popular The Self-Employed Life podcast—offers the essential manual on everything you need to be successful as a self-employed business owner. Through the Self-Employed Ecosystem, you’ll learn the business and personal development strategies that will help you regain control over your business, and master effective daily habits that create sustainable success.

With Shaw’s holistic approach, you’ll set up the healthiest and most vibrant environment possible to cultivate the thriving business and life you desire.


“The definitive guidebook to being successfully self-employed. You’ll return to its wisdom time and time again—guaranteed.”

“Welcome to your very own business mentor disguised as a book. Jeffrey Shaw asks you the questions you are often afraid to ask yourself. Let The Self-Employed Life be your best friend on the bumpy road of entrepreneurship.”

“This book provides a mindset shift that entrepreneurs truly need.”

“Becoming self-employed is a dream for many. But without the right strategies in place, the reality can sometimes be confusing and frustrating. Jeffrey Shaw’s new book provides a valuable resource that will guide any entrepreneur—new or experienced—to sustainable success.”


The Self-Employed Life gives business owners the integrated perspective and tools they need to not only build a powerful business model, but also to enjoy their lives while building it. A fun and accessible read that will help you awaken your creativity, change your habits, and strengthen your brand.”

“Jeffrey Shaw shows you the critical link between your own growth and that of your business. This book is your guide to pulling off both.”


As an experienced speaker and small-business consultant, Jeffrey Shaw helps self-employed and small-business owners gain control of their business in what otherwise seems like uncontrollable circumstances. Drawing on his expertise as a renowned portrait photographer, Jeffrey shows business owners how to view business through a different lens and offers proven strategies for arranging the often chaotic pieces of life and business into a composition of sustainable success.

ISBN 978-1-77458-004-2
$22.00 CAD $17.95 USD
Published May 4, 2021
5.5 × 8.5 256 Pages
Paperback, ebook