The Cure for Loneliness

How to Feel Connected and Escape Isolation

Dr. Bill Howatt

Your loneliness has a cause—and a solution.

From a simple smile from a stranger to a hug from a close friend, human social connections power our daily lives, and enable us to thrive. And yet, loneliness is on the rise, taking a real toll on our physical and mental health.

In this powerful guide and workbook, renowned mental health expert and addictions counselor Dr. Bill Howatt exposes the root causes of isolation and loneliness, and shows you how to address each one and develop new skills that foster authentic social connections. Through a mix of self-reflection exercises and cognitive-behavioral approaches, you’ll learn how to recognize limiting thoughts and behaviors and close social connections gaps in all areas of your life. Employers will also find tips for boosting psychological safety among their teams.

The cure for loneliness isn’t a quick fix—but if you commit to doing the work, you can cultivate more meaningful social connections and live a fuller, happier life.


“Offers both a step-by-step path out of mental traps and a brightly lit path into positive relationships that will build good mental health.”

“A must-read and a fantastic tool kit for anyone who wants to learn practical steps on how to deal with mental health barriers in order to increase our social connections and happiness.”

“Learn the important difference between solitude, isolation, and loneliness—and more importantly, concrete ways of fending off their potential negative outcomes. Dr. Bill Howatt’s real-life examples allow us to find hope in unexpected places.”

“Not only does this book encourage every one of us to improve our resiliency, but it also inspires leaders to support their people and build a psychologically safe workplace.”


“Read it, use it, feel better. Dr. Bill Howatt offers strategies to help you and those you lead reduce loneliness and improve mental health. An insightful and practical read.”

“Even if you’re not especially lonely, you may still feel there’s something missing in your life. Creating authentic connections can make all the difference. Enjoy this interesting read, but also use it to improve the quality of your life by freeing yourself from mental traps.”


Known as one of Canada’s top experts in mental health issues in the workplace, Dr. Bill Howatt is the president of Howatt HR. He has thirty-plus years’ experience in mental health and addictions counseling, HR, and leadership. Bill is a regular columnist for the Globe and Mail and the Chronicle Herald, an instructor for the University of New Brunswick, and the author of over four hundred articles and forty books.

ISBN 978-1-77458-000-4
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Published May 4, 2021
5.5 × 8.5 232 Pages
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