The Grassroots Leadership Revolution

Build a Peer Coaching Community and Own Your Career

Glain Roberts-McCabe

Stop waiting for that promotion: build your tribe and unleash your leadership potential!

You’re ambitious, talented, and ready to take on more. You’re looking for a group of like-minded leaders to conquer the ladder with, but all those leadership councils and Mastermind groups cater to CEOs. It’s time to create your own Grassroots Leadership Revolution. Glain Roberts-McCabe was a fast-tracking executive just like you. Tired of canned leadership training and academic case-study discussions, she craved the opportunity to share real-life lessons and experiences with other ambitious peers trying to get ahead—so she built her own kind of leadership council: The Roundtable.

In The Grassroots Leadership Revolution, Roberts-McCabe unlocks the secrets she used to build The Roundtable into a multi-award-winning organization that facilitates coaching and mentoring programs for ambitious mid-career leaders navigating change, disruption, and growth. You’ll learn everything you need to know to create and run your own peer coaching group, take charge of your career, and increase your personal potential.


“Glain Roberts-McCabe masterfully taps into more than twenty years of executive coaching and support to provide a sublime blueprint toward people-first leadership. The Grassroots Leadership Revolution delivers a practical yet thorough outline that will positively enrich how you build community.”

The Grassroots Leadership Revolution is a genuine gift to anyone who needs a road map for improving themselves as a leader. Glain Roberts-McCabe lays out the needed structure and specific action steps that will actually pay off. The essence of the book is how to build an effective community that will provide mutual support and benefit. In our Stakeholder-Centered Coaching practice, we help leaders do the same by enlisting carefully chosen stakeholders who have a ‘stake’ in the leader’s success.”


“Glain Roberts-McCabe has delivered a unique, practical step-by-step guide for individuals and organizations that have a desire to improve themselves and perform at higher levels by becoming better listeners, coaches, networkers, and leaders!”

“When leadership is done right, it’s both challenging and rewarding. You don’t have to be on this journey alone! The ability to collaborate and build community will be one of the most coveted skills for future leaders in the coming decade. In The Grassroots Leadership Revolution, Glain Roberts-McCabe lays out the playbook for what you need to build your tribe to successfully navigate your career toward success. Packed with practical strategies, candor, and real-world examples, The Grassroots Leadership Revolution offers leaders a bullet-proof road map for success.”

The Grassroots Leadership Revolution is the ultimate playbook for building a group coaching community that will support your leadership ambitions. This book is packed with practical advice, real-world stories, and easy-to-follow exercises, and is a terrific resource for leaders and group coaches alike. Glain Roberts-McCabe has taken abstract leadership ideas and made them pragmatic.”

The Grassroots Leadership Revolution is a concise and easy-to-follow road map to build your own peer coaching system. As a Roundtable alumnus, I can say that the process can be incredibly powerful to unlocking performance if you choose to put in the work and leverage the insights it can provide. Glain Roberts-McCabe’s leadership wisdom is well placed throughout this book and her trademark straight-shooting style will make sure you know exactly what you need to do next. A great read and a great tool for the leadership toolbox.”

The Grassroots Leadership Revolution is a must-read primer for anyone who wants to grow the leadership mindset required to navigate unprecedented change and disruption. Read this book if you want to learn from one of the best. Start your own personal leadership revolution while building a trusted network using the power of your own peer coaching group.”

“Glain Roberts-McCabe has opened up her treasure chest of resources and made them available for all. In doing so, she is equipping leaders with everything they need to successfully launch their own peer coaching community—the process, tools, and years of hard earned wisdom! The Grassroots Leadership Revolution is a must have guide for any leader looking to grow their leadership capability—with and through others!”

The Grassroots Leadership Revolution provides a step-by-step guide for creating a peer coaching group to support, challenge and enable career-building leaders. Glain Roberts-McCabe shares her vast knowledge and in-depth experience in leadership development and coaching throughout the Recruit, Engage, Accelerate and Perform sections. The practical and easy-to-use exercises and guides transform this excellent resource into a rock-solid action plan. I highly recommend this book to leaders at all levels who want to join forces with like-minded peers to achieve their purpose, follow their passion, and realize their ambitions.”

“Whether you are a new or an experienced leader, your current and future success largely rests on your learning agility. And in today’s fast-paced, networked, and collaboration-centric organizations, you need others to accelerate your learning. You can’t go it alone! In The Grassroots Leadership Revolution, Glain Roberts-McCabe provides you with the practical road map for building a community to support your leadership to not only survive, but to thrive. Learn to leverage peer group coaching to avoid isolation, to foster innovation, to solve complex challenges, to reinvent yourself, and more. A generous playbook chock-full of game changing and fun leadership exercises and hacks. A must read for all leaders!”


Glain Roberts-McCabe is the founder and president of The Roundtable, a company where leaders cultivate their leadership, together. Glain has led across a variety of functions and spent close to a decade as a general manager in two mid-sized consulting businesses. Along the way, she’s won a few awards, stepped on a few toes, and mastered the art of the apology. A self-professed leadership junkie, Glain has written articles for publications like the Globe and Mail, HR Edge, and Canadian Manager magazine, and spoken to audiences across the globe. In 2018, Glain was named one of Canada’s top women entrepreneurs at the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards.

ISBN 978-1-9992436-0-9
$19.95 CAD $14.95 USD
Published May 25, 2020
5.5 × 8.5 180 Pages
Paperback, ebook