Story 10x

Turn the Impossible into the Inevitable

Michael Margolis

Great leaders are great storytellers.

If you want to disrupt, inspire, and persuade—go beyond the data. You need a story. As a leader, you can’t ask your team to invest in a vision or a strategy they don’t fully understand or believe in—especially when your ideas challenge the status quo. At a time when disruption is redefining every quadrant of life, those who can get their story straight can win over even the most reluctant audience.

Drawing on 30,000 years of storytelling, Story 10x delivers a fresh approach for how to inspire and influence in the digital age. Most people think of storytelling as “once upon time” fairy tales or how to tell a better anecdote. In reality, getting clear on your strategic narrative is how you navigate hypergrowth. In these pages, you’ll learn how to craft an Undeniable Story—a three-step narrative framework for any high-stakes presentation—and how to apply the same strategies embraced by Google, Facebook, and Hulu to communicate some of their biggest breakthroughs. Invest in your story, and you can literally bend the limits of time, money, and people.

Discover your Undeniable Story. Next time you’re in front of senior leaders, investors, customers, or your team, make it difficult—if not impossible—for them to reject the future you’re trying to create. Harness the magic of Story 10x, and turn the impossible into the inevitable.


“Michael Margolis is a master storyteller. This book teaches the reader about the value of telling an Undeniable Story—something we need in this day and age: the ability to describe a better future for us all. Story 10x inspires the notion that storytelling can save us as a species.”

Story 10x delivers a powerful premise: narrative intelligence is the future of leadership.”

“Product managers need internal ‘narratives’ for their teams to conceptualize their products and goals. Especially when you’re solving real people problems on a massive scale. The strategies in Story 10x dramatically influenced how we convey our product vision, strategy, and road map.”

“Deep, disruptive, and refreshingly simple. This book will change the game for those leaders willing to lead with authenticity, ambition, and action.”


“An impressive read. In Story 10x, Michael Margolis shows how you can use narrative thinking (a gene hardwired in all of us) to create memorable, persuasive communications. As someone who needs to tell the story of innovation every day, I will be using the frameworks from this book to facilitate more powerful exchanges.”

Story 10x teaches a new kind of storytelling for startups in hypergrowth. A must read!”

“Story is the currency of culture. Story 10x makes a strong case for why the biggest innovations are a result of a great stories, as well as the framework to create your own.”

“Storytelling is the essence of all great experience design. In Story 10x, Michael Margolis will help you turn audiences into the heroes of their own journey.”

“The most complicated part of innovation is not the idea; it’s selling the idea. Read Story 10x if you want your ideas to see the light of day. It’s not just another storytelling book. It’s the most powerful sales tool you’ll ever own.”

“Every new product launch, every political campaign, and every new venture shares the same strategic imperative: you must control the narrative. Finally, here’s help from master storyteller Michael Margolis that tells you exactly how to do that by making your Story 10x better.”

“Great leaders know the future is about transformation, not tweaks. Transformation requires an emotional connection only enabled by storytelling—and no one has lived in the trenches of strategic storytelling like Michael Margolis. You’ll want to read Story 10x.”

“Every day game-changing products and world-altering ideas fail. If you want to maximize the chances that yours will succeed, you’ll need the one thing this book expertly teaches you how to create: a powerful story.”

“The great secret of growth—of any kind change, really—is that it all comes down to one factor: story. There’s no better guide on the planet than Michael Margolis to help you employ story not only to your own advantage, but also to that of your company and our shared future. Whether you’re trying to sell an idea to your senior leadership team, your kids, or your community, Story 10x is the blueprint for designing a narrative that can make your vision a reality.”

“The difference between a good marketer and a great one is their ability to tell the story. Story 10x offers the perfect bridge from good to great, unveiling the science behind storytelling. It offers tons of practical advice built on decades of helping marketing and product teams develop a mind for narrative. This book is a must-read for product marketers who are ready to own the story.”

“The most critical business skill for the next decade is storytelling. Period. Those who understand the power of narrative will succeed. Story 10x can be the tool that helps take your career (and your life) to the next level.”

“Create opportunities through better storytelling. Love Story 10x.”

“People love a good story. But how do you tell a story about something complex, technical, and occasionally boring? Story 10x is the answer, or at least 9x the answer.”

Story 10x is the activating ingredient that will bring your world-changing idea to life.”

Story 10x is a step-by-step guide on how to use data and narrative to stack the odds. Michael Margolis is the modern-day Joseph Campbell for business. This is the only book I have ever read that can teach you how to bend the curve of reality in your favor.”


Michael Margolis is the CEO and founder of Storied, a strategic messaging firm specializing in the story of innovation and disruption. As a trusted advisor, Michael helps executives to demystify the complex and deliver on the promise of transformation. Since 2002, he’s advised clients across thirty-four industries and fifteen countries—including Facebook, Google, Hulu, Greenpeace, and NASA. Michael is a frequent keynote speaker and has trained tens of thousands on narrative intelligence and how to build storytelling as an organizational capability. Michael is a two-time TEDx speaker and #1 Amazon bestselling author. His work has been prominently featured in Fast Company, TIME, and Inc. magazines. The son of an inventor and artist, Michael grew up in Switzerland and Los Angeles. Michael is left-handed, color-blind, and eats more chocolate than the average human.

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Published October 8, 2019
6 × 9 208 Pages
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