The Career Stories Method

11 Steps to Find Your Ideal Career—and Discover Your Awesome Self in the Process

Kerri Twigg

Find or create your dream job by starting with the stories you tell about yourself.

These days, growing your career requires a brand. People who can share their strengths through compelling stories—in interviews, resumes, and pitches—land the work. But how can you find, optimize, and communicate those stories?

Career Stories founder Kerri Twigg combines her theater background with her training in HR, coaching, and meditation to bring you a job search guide unlike any other. Like Julia Cameron did with The Artist’s Way, Kerri offers a program to find out which job is perfect for you, by examining your stories. Kerri also provides practical tools for networking, writing resumes that impress, building your LinkedIn profile, and more. And we’re not just talking about traditional employment—about half of Kerri’s clients realize that they’re actually entrepreneurs, and The Career Stories Method offers strategies for them too.


“In the past, your career felt like something that happened to you, rather than something you could create on purpose. Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to shape our careers by telling the story of who we are and how we serve. Kerri Twigg has been at the forefront of this movement, helping thousands of people to reflect on how their stories shape their work. In her book, The Career Stories Method, she’s on a mission to help more people do the work that’s calling them. If that’s you, then you’re in good hands. This book is a great place to start building the career you want, with more intention and joy.”

“Kerri Twigg is quickly becoming the most trusted voice in career guidance. In this book, she outlines a simple process to find your voice and story, and chart your way to an engaging career.”

“Everyone needs to continually develop in their career, but most people stall because the process can be so overwhelming and hard. Kerri Twigg makes career planning fun, easy, interesting, and effective through The Career Stories Method. A must-read for every professional serious about career growth.”

“Stories are a powerful communication tool—they amplify our beliefs and have the ability to manifest our future. That is why we must learn how to tell stories effectively. This is where The Career Stories Method comes in. Learn how to tell your story confidently. From branding to storytelling, Kerri Twigg is a masterful teacher and guide.”


“Kerri Twigg’s The Career Stories Method is inspired. A respected voice in the career services industry, Kerri wants you to love yourself and your career, and gives you the tools to accomplish both. If you want more from your career, The Career Stories Method offers a unique blend of creativity and practicality to help you land your ideal work.”

“Yes, The Career Stories Method will help you market yourself in today’s turbulent job market. But more importantly, it is a practice for diving deep into your psyche. Kerri Twigg’s book is filled with practical activities and delivers on its promise, and in doing so helps us unlock something fundamental: Our true motivation.”


Kerri Twigg is the founder and operator of Career Stories. Through courses and coaching, she helps people use their stories to grow their careers, whether they aim for a “job-job” or running their own business. For individual clients, she guides them into discovering what makes them awesome, and shows them how to use that awesome self to direct their career; for businesses, she supports them as they restructure or downsize, and helps employees manage change or job loss.

ISBN 978-1-77458-061-5
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Published January 26, 2021
5.25 × 8 344 Pages
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