Change on the Run

44 Ways to Survive Workplace Uncertainty

Phil Buckley

Change is the norm in business. Here’s how you manage it.

The only thing you can rely on in today’s workplace is uncertainty. Between mergers and acquisitions, layoffs and team shuffles, pandemics and recessions, only the nimble survive. This book is your secret weapon to navigating it all.

Being successful in change is not about being perfect; it’s about being fast and effective so you can move on to the next task or challenge. Change on the Run will help you line them up and knock them down.

Written for the time-strapped manager, Change on the Run provides a laser-focused guide to navigating your way through disruption, without any time-consuming fluff or theory. Change management expert Phil Buckley gives you forty-four tried-and-true survival strategies for responding to transitions and disruptions as quickly as possible. For each, Buckley applies his 80/20 rule—homing in on one action that delivers 80 percent of the results you want, with 20 percent of the time and effort.


“Phil Buckley provides a wealth of insights into the often challenging and sometimes treacherous territory of organizational change. Whether you are a novice or a well-seasoned professional, Change on the Run will serve as an invaluable guide for almost any type of real-world change effort. Don’t be fooled by the concise and often humorous writing style: this book addresses the most crucial aspects of change management and does so in a lively and straightforward manner.”

“Phil Buckley is inspiring—he makes the most challenging changes simple to understand, and his practical approaches are easy to execute. It’s a joy to learn from such an interactive and animated expert in organizational change. He is one of a kind!”

“Phil Buckley has packed a little book with a powerful punch of practical ideas, activities, and reflections that both newbies and pros will be able to go back to again and again. Fun to read, easy to apply, and filled with fad-free ideas, Change on the Run is a must-have for any leader navigating uncertainty.”

“I have seldom seen such a level of continuity, professionalism, and warmth all rolled into one person. Phil Buckley’s Change on the Run is the perfect road map to understanding and knowing how to make changes in ourselves and in our organizations.”


“Phil Buckley is the ultimate source for change wisdom. This easy-to-read book is a fantastic resource full of rock-solid advice, down-to-earth techniques, and holistic approaches that anyone can use, especially leaders and managers who are short on time.”

Change on the Run is an incredibly useful resource for anyone who manages change in the workplace. Phil Buckley is an expert coach, mixing theory with practical stats and tips, and delivering it all with the kindness and light-heartedness we so badly need in these times. Buckley covers a range of change-related challenges while focusing on one core question: What can I do about this?”


Phil Buckley is an award-winning author, public speaker, coach, and senior change management professional with over thirty-two large-scale change projects under his belt—including co-leading global change management for the $19.6 billion Kraft Foods acquisition of Cadbury. For the past twenty-five years, leaders and teams across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. have relied on him to help them drive performance through change. Buckley is also the author of Change with Confidence, and host of the Change on the Run podcast which you can find, along with his blog and monthly newsletter, at

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Published March 2, 2021
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