Own Your Anxiety

99 Simple Ways to Channel Your Secret Edge

Julian Brass

Author and anxiety coach Julian Brass helps people all over the world own anxiety by guiding them toward empowering, natural tools to redirect that raw, disruptive emotion into positive action. These tools, which are the foundation of his Own Your Anxiety method, lead to a redefined relationship with anxiety, taking it from negative and debilitative to positive and facilitative. Rather than trying to fight it, Brass encourages readers to consider anxiety a gift. Personal, affable, and highly motivating, this book offers practical lessons to overcome the effects of anxiety by owning it in three key areas of body, mind, and soul.

Combining medical research from the West and holistic philosophies from the East, these tips offer daily doses of inspiration. From guidance on how to schedule smarter to reduce stress, how to say no more often, and how to rein in the use of social media to advice about spreading love and playing more often, this book makes owning anxiety both accessible and fun. Warm, enthusiastic, and at times irreverent, Brass offers stories from his own life and shows from personal experience how to conquer anxiety. He is a coach of superlative positivity, encouraging readers to find the resources within to master anxiety toward a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle.


“As an ER doctor in a trauma center who has seen thousands of patients’ stressful situations, I can attest that Own Your Anxiety places powerful tools to change your relationship with anxiety and stress at your fingertips. Julian has taken on a serious issue with intelligence, artfulness, care, and relatability, and created a work that serves as a vibrant tool chest for those wanting to enrich their inner environments in hard times.”

“Along with exercise, meditation, and eating right (all of which you’ll find out more about in these pages), reading the right books is one of my top ways to manage anxious feelings that can otherwise stifle a life. Own Your Anxiety is an ultra-positive read giving us hope that each day is a new day that a person who is suffering can cope and lead a healthier life. Julian Brass is a guide that you just want to spend time with. He’s been there, knows how to work through anxiety, and can help you work through it, too. Read this book!”

“Wow—what a powerful book. I’m so proud of this tremendous contribution by Lang grad Julian Brass. At a time when so many are experiencing existential angst and may at times feel paralyzed by anxiety or other mental health challenges, comes a thoughtful, accessible, and empathetic book that provides a practical road map for building a better life. I would recommend this book to anyone who is working on becoming their better self.”


“As an athlete, I face the ‘fight-or-flight’ anxiety mode daily, understanding anxiety and how to control it has become my greatest asset. The skills I have learned from reading this book carry me forward.”

“In an era of social media madness comes a voice of reason, with practical suggestions regarding how to de-stress, refocus, and take control of our lives. Julian Brass provides 99 simple tips to reclaim your body, mind, and soul, which can help the walking wounded to live, not just exist. This is not a self-help book per se, but rather a thoughtful guide to enable self-reflection and self-awareness, one that is timely and practical.”

“You are so worthy of everything you desire. You are so worthy of living your dreams. And you are so worthy of learning how to use your anxiety as your natural fuel—Julian Brass’ Own Your Anxiety will show you how!”

“I’ve never practiced yoga and have barely meditated in my life, but after reading Julian Brass’ book, I’m now a believer. Each section is written more brilliant than the next, each word more pointed than the last—all so obvious that it makes you wonder how so many little things can have such a huge impact on our lives and the lives around us. This book reminds me that we as people can’t control everything; there will be good, there will be bad, there will be mistakes, but we are never alone. Reducing stress and anxiety can help us to become our best and happiest self. Put down your phone. Take a deep breath. Give a hug. Call a loving friend. Take life one step at a time and try to make little positive changes slowly. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to give up my two cups of coffee daily or permanently trade my circuit training classes for meditation, but if I can do just a few things differently every day, I know that I’ll be making a difference in myself and hopefully inspire the people around me to do the same.”

“Julian Brass in Own Your Anxiety lays out digestible techniques to utilize the superpower that is anxiety. He takes a holistic approach in helping the reader befriend the urgency for the greatness anxiety can inspire while offering help to tame the ‘my wheels are spinning so fast, I may lose control’ sensation. This book has helped me remain more quiet mentally and in control in the face of my greatest challenges, in life and in my career.”

“Julian Brass has been a valued speaker at Wanderlust for several years. His clear message and ability to connect has had a profound impact on our attendees, and we’re excited (but not anxious, since he’s helped with that) to hear more from him.”

Own Your Anxiety is a sacred resource for anyone working through anxiety in our modern world. Julian Brass offers us a safe space full of enriching inspiration and practical tools to enhance our experience of every single day.”

“Anxiety is everywhere. Whether you personally deal with anxiety or care for someone who is afflicted by this condition, this is a must-read.”

“Life is about having faith in our dreams and working hard to achieve them. But sometimes along the road, we are tested and challenged. These tests and challenges can create a lot of anxiety if we aren’t prepared for what’s in store. From career to personal, anxiety can be a positive driving force in your life or a negative distraction. Own Your Anxiety will take you on an entertaining journey of personal and spiritual growth and teach you practical tools that will elevate your life.”

“Julian Brass has successfully communicated, through an honest journey of his own life experiences, that anxiety is a natural and useful state. One that we need to understand and manage like any other emotion. Our chaotic and overstimulated lives have prevented us from taking time to listen to and trust ourselves. This book reminds us how.”

“Giving is living. This has been the guiding philosophy for us at Bombas. And this is exactly what Julian Brass has done in Own Your Anxiety. He’s offered the world a relatable and practical method to enhance the lives of people living with anxiety regardless of social class or income status. This book is for everyone—that’s why I love it!”

“As a family medicine physician, a large part of my practice involves treating anxiety and depression. It is rare to find a resource as clear, non-judgmental, relevant, applicable, and most importantly, as genuine as Own Your Anxiety by Julian Brass. I am grateful to now have a resource at my disposal that I have no doubt will be a life-changing and self-empowering tool for audiences seeking guidance through the anxiety-provoking scenarios in their lives. Own Your Anxiety guides readers through a vast array of real-life day-to-day scenarios, and helps identify triggers and traps that may set off anxiety, nipping the anxiety-spiral early. I am excited to offer my patients this great resource as a supplemental tool in their search to manage their anxiety.”

“I’ve known Julian Brass for almost ten years and he has always been passionate and nonstop about helping inspire others to be their best. The conversation around healthy ways to own anxiety is needed today more than ever, and I am happy to see that Julian has dedicated himself to helping people change their relationship with anxiety. Anything Julian puts himself into makes an impact. Want to be impacted? Read this book!”

“As a father, a husband, an entrepreneur, and a community man, I’ve had to learn ways to manage anxiety and stress in order to find success in all aspects of my life. There is anxiety everywhere today; the only difference between a person who is successful in anxiety-provoking situations and one who is not, is that the successful person has the proper tools, spiritual mindset, and approach. This book is a great resource for anyone who wishes to learn some of the many techniques and secrets to success in dealing with everyday anxiety and stress.”

Own Your Anxiety is the ultimate intro guide to daily life in our modern stressful world. Julian Brass has generously curated for us a fun and comprehensive list of simple tips for our body, mind, and soul. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is ready to start taking care of their emotional well-being!”

“Of all the things that resonate with me in this book, perhaps most is the thought that ‘somewhere’ we really do know what’s best for us, and when we have those anxious moments that we all do, it’s our own higher self who is speaking to us. If we find ourselves becoming more anxious it’s because we’re not listening! From the whisper to the scream, we have the choice to hear the inner voice and change the dialogue. What Julian Brass has done in this book is encourage us on multiple levels to find a harmonious balance with our mind, body, and soul!”

“The fitness industry uses social media all the time. As an international fitness and social media personality I therefore understand the importance of learning strategies to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect to ourselves. Julian Brass’ intimate understanding of entrepreneurship, nutrition, fitness, yoga, spirituality, and wellness is something that anyone can relate to regardless of where they’re at in their life, and his strategies in Own Your Anxiety will give you tools that work for YOU!”

“Anxiety is a problem that affects everyone. Julian Brass has found practical and effective ways for people to develop mechanisms on how to view this topic and also how to manage it. Own Your Anxiety is a great guide into how to change our mindsets, and to see things in a different light.”

“In order to truly Think and Grow Rich in all aspects of your life, you must work on your mental health. Julian Brass’ methods of owning anxiety are amazing! They are practical, easy to do, and will make a significant impact on you mental and physical well-being. I highly recommend this to all my students as these methods are for almost all ages! If you have been struggling with anxiety or if you want to take your mental health to the next level, this book is for you!”

“Learning how to master your anxious feelings is a key part of living your BEST LIFE EVER! This book will give you the tools to shift your relationship with anxiety and stress in real time and it will help you lessen their occurrences altogether. Having this book in your collection will allow you to reference the lessons when needed and share them with the people you care about.”


Julian Brass is the founder and former CEO of the award-winning Canadian media company Notable.ca (Notable Life), a front-running online brand dedicated to inspiring driven Millennials to live a notable life. On an ever-expanding journey of exploring natural lifestyles such as holistic health and wellness, spirituality, yoga, and positive psychology, Julian has trained and collaborated with yogis from India, rabbis and priests in Jerusalem, top medical doctors in NYC, and some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. As an international keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, coach, teacher, and healer, Julian aims to leave every person he connects with ready to own not just anxiety, but to truly own their lives. Follow him on Instagram at @julianbrass.

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Published September 17, 2019
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