Chief Family Officer cover by Dave Inglis

Chief Family Officer

Use Winning Plays from Work to Put Your Family First

Dave Inglis

Win at work—and at home.

Business and couples coach Dave Inglis shows you how it’s possible to become an incredible partner, parent, and business leader—without sacrificing one for another.

Inglis has spent the last decade coaching high-powered corporate executives around the world how to build their businesses, while also fostering strong and loving families. Now, in Chief Family Officer, he’s sharing his most transformative insights and tips to help you step back, assess, and redesign a life that’s aligned with your truest values. Get ready to promote yourself to CFO of your family, and start creating a more fun, connected, and loving home life.


“A wonderful guide for entrepreneurial families who must strike a healthy balance between family dynamics and business ambitions.”

“At the bedrock of your success sits your family. Chief Family Officer teaches us how to not just bolster but bloom our most important relationships.”

“A playbook for all of us to take what we know works in a business and apply it in the arena that matters most—our family life.”

DAVE INGLIS is a professional couples and leadership coach, speaker, and author who has spent his career helping companies and leaders navigate their most defining moments. With a unique ability to work at the intersection of business and personal development, Dave shows others how to turn foundational business systems and strategies into deeply transformational personal practices. Outside of business, Dave is a shamanic practitioner and the founder of Strategic Solitude, where he creates experiences for leaders to have the space to pause, be alone, and begin again. Dave lives in Waterloo, Canada, with his wife, Dr. Jen Forristal, and their three children.

ISBN 978-1-77458-534-4
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Published May 16, 2024
5.25 × 8 236 Pages
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