The Audience Is Listening cover by Tom Webster

The Audience Is Listening

A Little Guide to Building a Big Podcast

Tom Webster

Know your audience to grow your audience.

You’re a podcaster. You’ve nailed the tech and your topic, but you’re stuck when it comes to growing your audience. There isn’t a single, magical step you can take that will suddenly catapult your podcast into the waiting ears of eager listeners. Instead, you must know the humans you’re talking to on the other end of your microphone.

With three decades in the radio and podcast industries, audio expert and researcher Tom Webster knows what it takes to earn eager ears. In The Audience Is Listening, he lays it all out for you in an actionable, repeatable process. While providing you with the data-validated tools you need to pick apart your podcast and rebuild it, Webster helps you to understand the importance of creating entertainment for your specific listener. Webster’s techniques will have you earning an audience that not only listens but looks forward to tuning in to each episode. Because it isn’t just about grabbing attention, it’s about sustaining it.


“I wish I’d had this book before starting Wondery . . . a must-read.”

“Tom Webster masterfully explains in clear, simple terms how podcasters of any size can use his insights to grow.”

TOM WEBSTER is Partner at Sounds Profitable, dedicated to setting the course for the future of audio. He has thirty years of experience in streaming, podcasting, audiobooks, terrestrial radio, and everything else that we stick in our earballs. In his previous work, with Edison Research, Webster was the co-author of the annual Infinite Dial® study, the longest-running study of consumer media habits since 1998, as well as the Share of Ear® and Edison Podcast Metrics studies. With Sounds Profitable, his body of work includes dozens of the most influential reports in podcasting, and he is one of the most widely cited audio researchers in the world.

ISBN 978-1-77458-527-6
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Published September 5, 2024
5.25 × 8 214 Pages
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