Make It Punchy cover by Emma Stratton

Make It Punchy

How to Write Simple Tech Messaging That Wins Hearts, Minds & Markets

Emma Stratton

Sell your tech (without getting technical).

B2B tech marketing is confusing buyers with technical jargon and drowning them in meaningless buzzwords that leave them overwhelmed (and not all that interested in buying). When everyone’s using the same tired lingo, how do you cut through the noise and show buyers your value? You get punchy.

In Make It Punchy, tech messaging expert Emma Stratton shows you how and why
you need to leave all the jargon behind. How to get real with buyers about why your technology matters to them. How to use language that resonates on a human level. And how to move away from how the tech works and shift buyers’ minds to how it can solve their problems.

This practical guide is full of helpful frameworks and real-world examples that break down the process of B2B messaging step by step—from the first strategy session to writing to implementation. Emma leads you through exercises that help you understand your customers, engage your creativity, and get your team involved. She shows you how to break down your messaging into a clear, concise format that works for everything from a single product launch to a large-scale initiative.

With Make It Punchy, you’ll get proven techniques to share a simple, concise story about your tech solution with buyers—and finally stand out from the competition.


“Smart and deeply practical. This book is a gem for anyone looking to up their messaging game.”

EMMA STRATTON is a messaging expert and Founder of Punchy, a training and consulting firm that helps tech companies win hearts and minds through simple, human messaging. Since 2016, Emma has developed messaging strategies for leading companies like Loom, Outreach, Miro, and Uber. Marketers from around the world have trained with Emma to learn how to write punchy messaging, including teams at Salesforce, Atlassian, and Oracle. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and three kids.

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Published September 9, 2024
5.25 × 8 212 Pages
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