Be More Wrong by Colin Hunter

Be More Wrong

How Failure Makes You an Outstanding Leader

Colin Hunter

The surest path to success is to fail. 

What if you could build a workplace culture that was less like a classroom, and more like a playground: a place filled with opportunities to take risks and test boundaries, with soft ground on which to fall? A place where you and your team are free to make mistakes, and get things wrong—a place where it’s okay to fail?

In Be More Wrong, noted leadership coach Colin Hunter shows you why, in the age of disruption, it’s never been more important to fail early, fail often, and fail forward. Through his Pi2 Leadership Impact Model, he shows you how to create systems and build habits that will help you lead with greater confidence, conviction, and connection. You’ll learn how to recognize different leadership styles, and what transforms a good leader into an outstanding one.

As you leave your ego and expertise at the door and embark on a journey to observe human behavior, create new ideas, and boldly experiment, you will build a playground for yourself and your team. However unlikely a leader you feel yourself to be, you can get it right—by being more wrong.


Be More Wrong is a refreshing change from the books that promise better leadership in three easy steps. This is an invaluable manual for those leaders who are ready to experiment and get it wrong in service of getting it right.”

“In the post-COVID world where disruption across societies, industries, and the world of work will be the norm, the successful leader will disrupt, have purpose, be data driven, and champion talent. Colin Hunter offers a powerful approach to building this new leadership DNA. Drawing from his deep experience, Colin offers real insight, great stories, and, importantly, practical advice. A top read for someone wanting to start their leadership journey in a fresh new way or for a seasoned leader ready for reinvention.”

Be More Wrong shows how the path to unparalleled success is paved with purposeful failure. In this sweeping, original, and slyly subversive book, Colin Hunter shares fresh insights and practical guidance that you can use to inform, enrich, and enliven your leadership adventures. It’s a rare treat to find yourself being provoked, agitated, and challenged… and being eager for more as you turn each page. You couldn’t do more right than to read Be More Wrong!”

Be More Wrong provides a road map to a leadership style that ensures innovation, satisfaction, growth, and happiness. It delivers a framework to help leaders see how they can ‘be more wrong’ to learn quickly and achieve success. This is not just another leadership book. It is one you’ll want to read carefully, mark up the margins, and try out the suggested habits.”

Colin Hunter is an author, mentor, entrepreneur, coach, and CEO and lead guide of Potential Squared International. Colin created Potential Squared to inspire leaders by disrupting the way they engage and develop their people. He and his global team specialize in creating immersive, measurable playgrounds to inspire new ways of thinking, systems, and habits. Colin’s individual passion is for experimentation in leadership, creating impact through presence in leaders, and developing systems and habits embedded with purposeful practice for those leaders.

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Published September 21, 2021
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