Impact by Nick Kindler


Simplify, Transform, and Perform Pitches and Presentations

Nick Kindler

Make yourself heard.

Faced with a dizzying array of collaboration platforms, from Microsoft Teams to Zoom, communicating has become increasingly complex—even daunting. How can you share your knowledge and be heard in a world that never stops talking?

In Impact, keynote speaker and communication coach Nick Kindler shares the tried and tested methods he’s used to transform ingenious experts into dynamic, impactful speakers. Informed by his years with TEDxToronto and Singularity University, Kindler guides you through the steps to creating an unforgettable presentation, from concept to performance.


“Nick Kindler’s Impact is a blueprint for the work that’s required to align what you want to say with how you want to be heard.”

“Presenting complex information can be daunting, even for an experienced professional. Impact is a must-read for anyone who wants to become a better presenter. Nick Kindler shares coaching tips, tools, and techniques that can help any expert stand out as a thought leader.”

“Nick Kindler is the Communication Whisperer. In Impact, Nick shares his secret sauce of how to take complex messages and translate them to approachable, understandable, and actionable stories. This is an essential read for anyone prepping for a presentation or meeting. Okay, strike that. This is an essential read for anyone seeking to communicate with more impact.”


“This book is truly extraordinary. Nick Kindler’s approach is simple, powerful, and practical. I have never read a more helpful book on how to communicate with impact and inspire an audience—I can’t wait to deliver my next talk using Nick’s method.”

“In Impact, Nick Kindler shares that ‘Ideas are the lifeblood of innovation,’ and it’s true! There is tremendous power in being able to communicate a complex idea. This playbook will help leaders and change-makers better convey and deliver their ideas so they can have a greater impact.”

“Communication: the most important, and potentially most rewarding, act we do throughout every day. Why does it fail so often? Nick Kindler’s book is about creating effective and memorable communication. Done correctly, all of our encounters, from social to business, will positively impact our happiness and success. Assuming you want to be better understood, more persuasive, and, yes, impactful, this is a valuable book to enjoy.”


Keynote speaker, communication coach, and eternal entrepreneur Nick Kindler works with leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, and academics to become stronger, more effective communicators and speakers. As founder and CEO of Kindler and Company, he provides transformational learning experiences that help leaders become better communicators.

ISBN 978-1-77458-110-0
21.95 CAD 17.95 USD
Published May 13, 2021
5.5 × 8.5 236 Pages
Paperback, ebook