Page Two Principals Featured in BC Business Magazine

Jul 16, 2015
Topics: News

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Page Two principals Trena White and Jesse Finkelstein are featured in this month’s BC Business Magazine in an article titled “Life After Traditional Book Publishing” by Kerry Gold.

The pair spoke to Gold about the ever-evolving book publishing industry in North America, providing insight on such tough subjects as traditional publishing versus non-traditional, and the disappearance of independent publishing houses across the continent, alongside Chris Labonte and Richard Nadeau of Figure One Publishing.

Jesse and Trena also shared how Page Two helps authors navigate these changing waters.

When Finkelstein and White launched Page Two in the summer of 2013, it was that very hybrid concept: a literary agency that could also offer consultancy in both traditional publishing and self-publishing. As agents, Page Two gets the standard 15 per cent commission for domestic sales (a little higher for international); as consultants to authors and organizations, they quote on projects; and for self-publishing authors, it’s a flat fee without royalties. Within two months of launching, Page Two was turning a profit.

“While it took some time to figure out how we wanted to go about it, that idea took root very early and it felt like a real possibility almost right away,” says Finkelstein. “It was just a matter of figuring out how to do it.”

“We hear from so many people who are trying to figure out how they should publish,” adds White. “They have a book in mind, and they’ve heard about self-publishing and maybe crowd funding, and they are just not sure if that’s the way they should go. There’s a real gap there, and we are able to fill it and help them navigate these options.”