The newest face of Page Two

Feb 7, 2019
Topics: News

Lorraine ToorKicking off 2019 with a bang, we are pleased to announce that the fabulous Lorraine Toor has assumed the role of Director of Sales and Distribution. Lorraine joined us last year in a part-time capacity and quickly became indispensable to all of us at Page Two — not only because of how ably she manages our multifaceted print, ebook, and audiobook distribution programs, but also because of her strategic mind, quick wit, and magic ability to wrestle any online sales platform into submission.

Any Page Two author who has worked with Lorraine will be familiar with her grace and professionalism, but they might not know that she is a great musical talent. For over 15 years, Lorraine has written, recorded and performed award-winning children’s music as one half of the well-known duo Bobs & LoLo, and she has also been running their production company, Bobolo Productions, handling sales, marketing, strategic partnerships, and operations. It’s no wonder she can multitask like nobody’s business (not to mention amp up our office Halloween spirit by whipping out a trunk full of costumes in a pinch).

As Director of Sales and Distribution, Lorraine oversees our global trade distribution program, our print-on-demand platforms, and our ebook and audiobook sales channels. We’re thrilled that she’s up for taking on this formidable role, and we’re looking forward to the day she writes an epic Page Two power ballad — or at least a little jingle or two.