Free licensing and certification webinar

Nov 13, 2020

You develop amazing workshops, programs, processes and approaches that deliver great results for your clients. But if you’re the only person who can deliver your services, your limited time and energy reduces how many people you can help and how much money you can make.

The good news? There’s a business model solution for this problem: create a licensing program for your most popular content. This upcoming webinar—designed by business coach and training expert Pamela Slim and hosted by Page Two—will show you exactly how to get started.

A companion piece to our previous webinar on creating learning materials based on your book, this one-hour overview of licensing and certification will show you exactly how to maximize (and monetize) your business opportunities. It’s tailor-made for entrepreneurs, authors with courses that expand upon the teachings in their books, and anyone working in the B2C space.

You’ll learn:
  • What licensing and certification is and how can you build it into your professional service business
  • What specific materials you need for your licensing program
  • How to structure licensing legal agreements
  • What the keys are to selling licensing programs

Join us on Thursday, November 19, to learn about all things licensing and certification. Spots are limited, so click here to reserve yours now!


Pamela Slim is an author, community builder, consultant, and experienced trainer. A former corporate director of training and development at Barclays Global Investors, she has created and delivered training programs for large companies such as HP, Charles Schwab, 3Com, Chevron, and Cisco Systems.

Since 2005, she has advised thousands of entrepreneurs and companies serving the small business market, such as Infusionsoft, Progressive Insurance and Prezi. Pam is best known for her award-winning book Escape from Cubicle Nation (named Best Small Business and Entrepreneur book of 2009 from 800 CEO Read, along with her follow-up, Body of Work). Both were published by Penguin/Portfolio.