Up for the Fight by Bill C. Potts

Up for the Fight

How to Advocate for Yourself as You Battle Cancer—from a Five-Time Survivor

Bill C. Potts

A five-time survivor’s guide to navigating your cancer journey

In this valuable patient and caregiver guide, Bill C. Potts—entrepreneur, business leader, IRONMAN triathlete, and five-time cancer survivor—tells you everything you need to know to take on this fight. With empathy and honesty, he explains exactly what to expect, and shares lessons and important tips you can put into action all the way: from diagnosis, to treatment, to remission, to cure—and how to face setbacks on your road to recovery.

You’ll learn how to advocate for yourself, how to pick and manage your care team, and how to care for yourself emotionally and mentally. You’ll find out how to make your treatment days more comfortable, manage side effects, and understand test results. You’ll also find important information on diet, exercise, wellness, and staying active, as well as insights on how treatment and disease affects your immune system.

With special sections for people wanting to support a loved one with cancer, facing and making peace with death, and recalibrating your priorities to get the most out of the life you have now, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools you need to manage this journey—from someone who is walking the path alongside you.


“Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be a scary and life-altering moment. Due to the ever-increasing complexity of modern medicine, patients are often faced with the challenging task of navigating between multiple doctors, understanding a rapidly changing treatment landscape, and dealing with the physical and emotional burdens that accompany a diagnosis. The right path is not always obvious and taking a wrong turn can sometimes lead to disastrous results. Unfortunately, resources to help guide patients are often scattered, outdated, or, at worst, wrong. Bill C. Potts has created an incredible tool for families, caregivers, and patients to navigate the battle against cancer. By using his years of experience as a guide, Bill provides unique and invaluable insight into what it took to win his own battle. I hope that every new cancer patient has an opportunity to read this incredible book and use it as a resource to beat cancer.”

“As an oncologist treating many cancer patients, including Bill C. Potts, I am grateful that Bill wrote this book and will recommend it to those dealing with cancer. It provides information that patients and their families will find practical and helpful, from the perspective of a very experienced patient.”

“I’ve worked closely with multiple myeloma patients for more than a decade, and I have seen firsthand how incredibly difficult it is for patients when they first hear the words, ‘You have cancer.’ Patients and their loved ones then start on a journey to navigate their disease so that they can all become core members of the care team. Up for the Fight provides solid, specific advice to help patients know what to do as they ride this bumpy road. I highly recommend this incredibly useful and easy-to-read book to anyone going through the cancer journey. It provides great insights on how to best manage the diagnosis, and offers tips from the start to finish of treatment. I only wish this book had been written when I started my own cancer journey.”


“Supporting my dad through his cancer journey was incredibly important to me. Up for the Fight is an informative resource that provides family members with the tools they need to support their loved one through the cancer journey.”


BILL C. POTTS is a motivational speaker, creative business leader, energetic community builder, and dedicated father and husband. A five-time cancer survivor, he pursues life with the utmost passion and drive. While his kids say he’s “sometimes slightly embarrassing,” they also admit he’s the “toughest man we have ever met.” He loves his job and wakes up each morning expecting an A+ day—because every day is an A+ day, no matter the circumstances. An IRONMAN triathlete and the co-founder of marketing agency Remedy 365, Bill lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, with his wife, Kim, and their dog Pippa. billcpotts.com

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Published September 13, 2022
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