This Is That

Travel Guide to Canada

Pat Kelly, Chris Kelly, Peter Oldring

Discover the majesty of Canada—or what the Internet calls “One of North America’s Top Three Must-Visit Nations”—in this laugh-out-loud, farcical travel guide from the country’s most celebrated comedy team, This Is That.

Have you always wanted to travel Canada, but but are fearful of wide open spaces? Are you planning your next Canadian holiday to visit the best strip malls in town? This Is That: Travel Guide to Canada will take you on an outrageous and unbelievable journey from coast to coast to coast to coast to coast. Presented in the familiar casing of a traditional travel guidebook—à la Lonely Planet or Rough Guide—This Is That will teach you how to navigate the twelve petting zoos of Etobicoke and how to avoid pickpockets in Kamloops. You’ll learn that the city of Brandon, Manitoba, is closed for annual maintenance between July 12 and August 19 and that tipping your server in Swift Current is offensive. This unreal guide also includes essential travel tips, such as useful Canadian phrases to locate the bathroom, the best places to portage, and the most spectacular malls above sea level.


“If you only buy one travel book about Canada, this must be it. You WILL get lost without it.”

CBC Radio One’s award-winning satirical program This Is That was created by veteran comedians PAT KELLY and PETER OLDRING, and produced by CHRIS KELLY, who use the familiar sound of public radio as a platform for character bits and improvisational comedy. The CBC radio show has engaged audiences across the country and beyond with an acclaimed live show, podcast, and viral digital content. This Is That stories have been covered by Wall Street Journal, Boing Boing, Paste Magazine, New York Magazine, The Guardian, Devour, and more. This Is That‘s live show tour has played to sold out audiences; it will tour back across the country in January and February 2017.

ISBN 978-0995258907
$19.95 CAD $19.95 USD
Published October 25, 2016
8.9 × 8.1 160 Pages
Paperback, ebook, audio

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