You Got This

Mastering the Skill of Self-Confidence

Ivan Joseph

Whether on the field, at the office, or in the home: self-confidence is one of the biggest factors differentiating success from failure. Time and again, studies show that the happiest, most successful people have deep-rooted grit: the ability to persevere despite setbacks.

Award-winning coach, mentor, and speaker Ivan Joseph shares a supportive, original guide to developing your own. Contrary to popular thinking, Joseph shows that self-confidence is a skill that can be trained and honed.

And he should know. Born in Guyana and brought up in poverty in Toronto, Joseph earned multiple sports scholarships throughout his athletic career, led multiple sports teams to national victories, and continues to develop his own “grit” as an internationally renowned speaker.

Taking strategies learned from the field, Joseph offers a definitive, step-by-step approach to deepening your own self-confidence. Uplifting stories and practical exercises within the book help you to develop resilience, team building, higher expectations, and focus.

Shared passionately with supportive, no-nonsense writing, You Got This is a transformative “coach” for ambitious individuals looking to change their lives for the better.

DR. IVAN JOSEPH is head of athletics at Ryerson University, where he is responsible for a $100 million redevelopment project. He has developed soccer programs that have led to both men’s and women’s teams nationally ranking as #1; won Coach of the Year at the Heart of America Athletic Conference three times; and has won multiple national-level athletic competitions. He holds a BA in physical education and health from Graceland, an MS in higher education administration from Drake University, and a PhD in sports psychology from Capella University.

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Published May 9, 2017
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