The Success-Energy Equation

How to Regain Your Focus, Recharge Your Life + Really Get Sh!t Done

Michelle Cederberg

The world we live in is demanding more from us than ever before. Do you feel it?

So much of success comes down to human performance and your capacity to operate at a high level—mentally, physi­cally, and emotionally—no matter what comes at you. Today’s brand of high-level stress, endless distractions, and lack of time management means we go through life ignoring what we need for ourselves in those areas. You need to slow down and start listen­ing to your body again.

In The Success-Energy Equation, Michelle Cederberg reveals how, by using the wisdom of science and your innate common sense, you can combat twenty-first-and-a-quarter-century stress and tap into a well of energy that will fuel every area of your life. She shows you how slowing down and listening to your body can help you work better, and how a focus on health and energy management will sustain your efforts in all you do. The Success-Energy Equation is a smart, common-sense book that teaches you how to push past stress toward a life of greater clarity, confidence, and success.


“A book for these times. Michelle Cederberg shows that success is multiplied when effort and discipline are met with self-care and energy.”

For more than fifteen years, Michelle Cederberg has captivated audiences across North America with her empowering and humorous messages about how to set worthwhile goals and get energized for success—in business and in life. She holds a master’s in kinesiology, a BA in psychology, and a specialization in health and exercise psychology. Cederberg is a certified exercise physiologist, a certified professional Co-Active Life Coach, and an ORSC-trained team coach. She is also the author of Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic Life.

ISBN 978-1-77458-020-2
$21.00 CAD $15.95 USD
Published October 27, 2020
5.5 × 8.5 226 Pages
Paperback, ebook