The Good Culture

The Leader's Guide to Creating a Workplace That Doesn't Suck

Rebecca Friese

Having a positive, interactive corporate culture is something that many leaders strive for, but getting there (and staying there) isn’t just about feel-good policies or Ping-Pong-table incentive tactics. The power of a Good Culture is something to behold, and the cost of not creating one may be more significant than you realize.

In The Good Culture, Rebecca Friese, cofounder of FLYN, shares the wisdom of her twenty-plus years of creating organizational change across the spectrum of companies—from hopeful start-ups to Fortune 500s—helping you to manage your culture and lead positive change, day by day. This book will guide you in figuring out what works for your company in real life, and how to chuck out what doesn’t, to bring people into the fold and support cultural growth, all the way to the top.


“Culture is all about how you treat people: your customers, your employees, your suppliers, anyone who interfaces with you. Whether you are a large company or one just starting out, this book offers insights and practices that will be invaluable to building a Good Culture. Read it and make your company better.”

“As talent leaders and practitioners, we spend years of our professional lives trying to create environments where our employees can thrive. We attend seminars and conferences, scour articles, trade best practices, try hot new concepts, and repeat the same old approaches, often all resulting in the same outcome. Rebecca Friese’s book cuts through the noise and gimmicks to draw out what you really, truly need to know in order to build—and maintain—a Good Culture.”

“Rebecca Friese is a powerful voice for making things better. Her wisdom and insight have helped organizations large and small, and now she’s sharing it with all of us.”

“If you are lucky enough to know Rebecca Friese, then you know her passion to inspire people to love what they do is her calling. It is thrilling to read the pages of her book and be transported back to the many lessons and learnings I’ve taken away from our almost decade-long partnership. The Good Culture is for anyone who wants their workplace to be anything but ordinary and offers the tools to help make it extraordinary.”


“Organizations are transforming at rapid rates due to the continuous introduction of technology, requiring employees to reskill and upskill for jobs of the future. Recent research implies a link between workplace culture and an employee’s ability to learn; learning in the new nature of work is critical to prepare for jobs of tomorrow. Rebecca Friese does a brilliant job highlighting the power of a Good Culture (with practical tools, tips, and applications) to ensure your organization is able to innovate, while minimizing disruption to your greatest assets—your people. If you believe in investing in your people, you must invest in providing a culture where you and your employees can thrive, and this book will give you the guidance to do so.”

“A connected culture is critical to loyalty, retention, and productivity. In this must-read guide, Rebecca Friese lays the blueprint for every leader to create their ideal culture.”


A workplace crusader with more than twenty years’ experience in change management leadership, Rebecca Friese is on a mission to help organizations not just be better places to work, but exceptionally innovative, engaging, and forward-thinking places to work. Friese knows what it takes to chart a new course for talent management—she’ll make an impact on your people strategy and ultimately the success of your organization by helping you to create a Good Culture.

ISBN 978-1-7348007-0-8
$19.95 CAD $14.95 USD
Published November 12, 2020
5.25 × 8 164 Pages
Paperback, ebook