The Psychological Safety Playbook front cover

The Psychological Safety Playbook

Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human

Karolin Helbig and Minette Norman

The how-to guide for transformative leadership

Every employee, at every level, wants to feel seen, heard, and respected. If we don’t feel safe, we can’t be our best selves or do our most creative work. This is why leaders must ensure psychological safety for everyone in their team. Whether you’re a manager, CEO, or entrepreneur, The Psychological Safety Playbook is the guide you need to lead your team to the highest levels of performance and innovation.

The Psychological Safety Playbook invites you to explore twenty-five specific actions that will create more psychological safety in your workplace. These are all moves that every leader can adopt and practice. Each move features a description of why to try it, instructions on how to do it, and a nutshell summary. You can start anywhere in the playbook—all the plays and moves are self-contained!

Written by Karolin Helbig, a highly respected executive mindset coach with a doctorate in human genetics and extensive consulting experience, and Minette Norman, a sought-after leadership consultant with thirty years of experience in the tech sector, The Psychological Safety Playbook is the essential guide for leaders who are committed to fostering psychological safety in their teams.

In their combined years of business and applied practice, the authors have continually observed how creating a high-performing, innovative workforce starts with building a foundation of respect and shared humanity. When we hold back our true thoughts because we’re afraid of the consequences, everyone misses out. By contrast, when we can ask a naïve question, propose a wild idea, or share our honest emotions—that’s when psychological safety fuels team performance


“Powerful ideas, generously shared. Simple, actionable, and urgent. This book is a must-read for anyone who cares enough to lead.”

 The Psychological Safety Playbook offers timeless practices to help you thrive and lead in an uncertain and challenging world. The authors’ engaging style makes their practical suggestions both compelling and actionable.”

 “We’ve all heard lots about the WHY of psychological safety; at last, we have a practical guide to the HOW of it. If you want your team to thrive, this book has tools you’ll want to use.”


“If you are leading change and transformation (and who isn’t!), then The Psychological Safety Playbook should be on your reading list. Filled with pragmatic examples, this book provides a simple framework that will support you in building the team of your dreams.”

 “The right book at the right time! While most leaders should have realized the superpower effects of psychological safety by now, many are still struggling to implement it. In this playbook, Helbig and Norman provide a wonderful collection of practical and easy-to-implement moves, which they present in a playful rather than a rigid, academic way. Very practical and insightful while easy to read—you ‘only’ need to practice!”

 “It’s time to throw out the antiquated model of tough-guy, fear-driven leadership. The most successful leaders I know are deliberate about building trust with their teams. This book will not only make you a better leader but also a better person.”


Karolin Helbig is an internationally recognized leadership consultant who coaches diverse, high-ranking clients to reach their full potential. Guided by her conviction that true leadership begins from within, Helbig’s workshops and team coachings are rooted in the foundations of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. With this foundation, psychological safety is the essential vitamin needed by any ambitious team. With a PhD in human genetics, extensive consulting experience at McKinsey, and clients from diverse industries, Helbig offers an innovative, empathic approach that yields high-impact results.

Minette Norman is an accomplished leadership consultant who brings decades of leadership experience in the software industry to her dynamic speaking engagements and impactful consultancy. A believer in the power of vibrant and diverse professional landscapes, Norman’s workshops and consulting engagements focus on developing inclusive leaders who bring out the best in their global, multicultural teams. A celebrated keynote speaker on inclusive workplaces, transformative leadership, and psychological safety, she was named one of the Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business by the San Francisco Business Times. Her book, The Boldly Inclusive Leader, releases in August 2023.

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Published February 22, 2023
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