The Investor Visit and Other Stories

Disruption, Denial and Transition in the Energy Business

Peter Tertzakian

Renowned energy pundit and bestselling author Peter Tertzakian brings our energy history to life in this collection of ten short stories that tell our energy story in a whole new way.

A savvy investor pays a visit to an obsolete oil rig. A tanker captain wonders about a country’s lack of energy security. A young boy’s tragic plight exposes the complexities of energy ethics and the real barriers to change.

These moments—inspired by archival photos, rare books, and other curiosities in Peter’s unique collection of energy-related objects—offer lessons from our energy past that have vital relevance to the present, and future. Through them, Peter brings clarity to the social, environmental, technical, and political turmoil affecting our energy circumstance today.

Full of insight, humor, and thought-provoking wisdom, The Investor Visit and Other Stories is an essential read for energy leaders and anybody interested in what powers our world. Because the business of energy is everyone’s business.

The quintessential energyphile, Peter Tertzakian has devoted his career to energy, first as a physicist, then as an economist and investment executive. He’s written two bestsellers—A Thousand Barrels a Second and The End of Energy Obesity—and is sought around the world as a trusted, engaging speaker. Energyphile is the culmination of his passion and knowledge.

ISBN 978-1-9991113-0-4
$21.95 CAD $16.95 USD
Published January 24, 2020
6 × 9 194 Pages
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