The Hollywood Approach

Script Your Life Like a Hit Movie and Live Your Wildest Dream

Kristina Paider

Script your deepest desires, awaken your potential, and love the show you call life.

As a story strategist and screenwriter, Kristina Paider has analyzed tens of thousands of movie scenes, asking, “How does this character and this action move the plot forward?” In The Hollywood Approach, she takes the same principles used to create heroes and heroines for the big screen, and shows you how to apply them to real life to live your next wildest dream. In this gutsy guide, you will learn how to channel all your resources—your character DNA, your strengths and flaws, your allies, mentors, and even your antagonists—to achieve great things.

Practical, soulful, and inspired, The Hollywood Approach will show you how to level up in life, say yes to yourself, and perform feats of badassery.


“The job of a CIA operative is similar to this book’s approach: it’s a little glamorous and all about knowing your mind is your best weapon to achieve your goals.”

“Kristina Paider has a brilliant idea: use the same strategies that screenwriters and movie producers use to make us love and identify with our favorite Hollywood stars to help people draft and craft their own real-life stories. The Hollywood Approach is more than a self-help book. It’s a compelling memoir from a master storyteller.”

“I have led the research into the brain science of story—how the human brain relies on story elements to make sense of, and to create meaning from, narrative and experience. Kristina Paider’s book is a masterful and accurate application of that story science to the process of designing and scripting a life. Tightly and powerfully written, it is a delight to plunge into with a steady flow of pearls to find on each dive.”

“I love this book; it’s not a book but a continued inspiration for a life lived and yet to come.”


“A perfect pairing of fact and feeling, Kristina Paider’s The Hollywood Approach weaves together strategies for personal fulfillment and success from the big screen, her masterclass clients, and, most poignantly of all, from her own life. More than just breaking down the building blocks used by screenwriters to advance their characters toward their goals, Kristina anticipates our doubts and helps us uncover and overcome our toughest roadblocks. Written with the authenticity of a true friend, this book doesn’t just provide quality advice and leave you to muddle through on your own. Kristina’s voice is there, representing your greatest cheerleader, urging you forward and surrounding you with tales of countless others who were once right where you are and found a way to push ahead to realize their wildest dream. She reminds us to rediscover and explore our own personal stories while drawing insights from our silver-screen heroines and heroes. After reading The Hollywood Approach, I am convinced that I have the skills, tools, and vision to take on my next ambitious project—and I can’t wait to get started.”


A screenwriter and story strategist, Kristina Paider has moved from newsrooms to boardrooms to Hollywood writers’ rooms as a sought-after collaborator on high-performance teams in thirty-four countries. She has practiced The Hollywood Approach for two decades, helping people and companies live their best story.

ISBN 978-1-989603-55-0
$21.00 CAD $15.95 USD
Published February 10, 2021
6 × 9 282 Pages
Paperback, ebook, audiobook