Spark Action by Gregg Brown

Spark Action

How to Lead Change That Matters

Gregg Brown

You can’t change people. But you can change the world.

The pace of change has picked up and will continue to do so. The future is requiring us to get ourselves and others engaged in change rapidly. In Spark Action, internationally acclaimed speaker, entrepreneur, and advisor Gregg Brown unlocks why people aren’t motivated to act on our ideas and shares insights and strategies to spark positive change in our organizations and communities.

With a thirty-year career that spans the health-care, education, non-profit, and private sectors, Brown has learned what makes people tick and how to help them take action, often in difficult circumstances. But he’s the first to admit that he wasn’t always so confident with change.

With interactive self-reflection activities and story-building frameworks, Brown outlines a clear pathway to lead change that begins on the inside and bridges out to impact the people, organizations, and communities around us.

Brown shares customized strategies and inspirational success stories that he has nurtured in his diverse clients—from Fortune 500s to governments to humanitarian organizations. Brown’s easy-to-follow advice, paired with his signature enthusiasm and candor, will ignite your change-making mastery before you’ve even finished the book!


“Powerful! Learning to spark action for our businesses and communities has never been more important. Packed with actionable practices and relevant research, Gregg Brown’s compelling new book provides the tools you need to start making a difference today!”

“Want to freshen up how you show up? Gregg Brown has so many teachables from his gritty and graceful work with leaders. Spark Action is the practical wisdom that can only come from someone who’s helped a lot of people shift into higher gear—for real.”

“Filled with actionable tools and engaging stories, Spark Action inspires positive change in you and in the people you lead. Spark your leadership tool kit, and make change that matters. Read this book now!”


“Gregg Brown is a natural storyteller, and through his relatable examples, relevant research, and practical advice, Spark Action will show you how to be the kind of changemaker that helps people excel.”

“Brilliant writer and speaker Gregg Brown finally answers the deep calling we all feel inside: how we can enact real and lasting change in the world. In this witty, fun, and thoughtful book, Gregg teaches you exactly that and so much more.”


GREGG BROWN is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and consultant on change leadership and building future-ready organizations. Over his thirty-year career, he has advised Fortune 500 companies, governments, humanitarian organizations, and engaged thousands of people from the UN, NATO, the CDC, and many others. His ideas have been featured in Forbes, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and Entrepreneur. He is the author of Ready… Set… Change Again! and The Top 10 Change Hacks. He lives in Toronto, Canada.

ISBN 978-1-77458-322-7
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Published October 3, 2023
5.25 × 8 192 Pages
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