Buyer First by Carole Mahoney

Buyer First

Grow Your Business with Collaborative Selling

Carole Mahoney

It’s time to forget everything you think you know about selling.

Winning new customers is the number one challenge eighty percent of entrepreneurs face—and a big reason half of small businesses fail within five years. In Buyer First, Carole Mahoney—who once struggled to pay bills and is now a top sales coach and influencer—says the reason so many of us are bad at selling is, well, we think selling is bad.

In the “book my clients have been asking me for,” Mahoney shares her revolutionary sales-success formula that draws on data from 2.2 million professional sellers, plus solid research on the psychology of decision-making and behavior change, to show you that sales isn’t something we do to others, it’s something we do with them.

With her approachable, honest writing style, Mahoney is like your personal sales coach, guiding you to tailor your current sales strategy in a way that’s consistent with your values and strengths, so you can align how you sell with how customers buy.

Complete with worksheets and exercises like exploring your own Sales Origin story, Buyer First teaches you the tactics of a collaborative selling framework. Each point is backed up with real-life stories from Mahoney’s colleagues and students as well as her own experiences.

Not only does Buyer First promise to transform your sales approach, help you change your behaviors, and get consistent results—it’ll make you feel fantastic about every transaction.


“Carole Mahoney’s innovative, research-based methods will revolutionize the way you think about sales, connect with clients, and grow your business. Say goodbye to outdated tactics and read this book instead.”

“Finally, a sales book for business owners and salespeople that digs into the hidden weaknesses in sales execution that no one is talking about. This book is a paradigm shift on how to think about selling, the buying process, and human connection. Reading Buyer First will not only make you a better salesperson but a better person.”

“An essential resource for business owners, entrepreneurs, and sellers to demystify sales success through actionable research and data that transforms personal sales results.”


“Carole Mahoney has done the impossible: written the sales book that has never been written before, and one that is long overdue. Buyer First is packed with powerful research, engaging stories, and real-life tactics on what it takes to excel in sales today—confidence, action, results! If you’re in sales, read it; if you lead a sales team, share it; and if you want to help anyone take their sales game to the next level, buy it!”

“While ‘buyer first’ is an essential concept in business today, Carole Mahoney has created an entire ecosystem for your sales processes. From concept, to origin story, to mindset blocks, to effective strategies, it’s all here for sustainable success in sales. A book you will refer back to time and time again.”


CAROLE MAHONEY has been called “the Sales Therapist” by a professor at Harvard Business School, where she coaches for the Entrepreneurial MBA program. She has been named a top sales influencer by LinkedIn, and currently sits as president of the AA-ISP Boston Chapter. As the founder of Unbound Growth, Mahoney collects data from 2.2 million sales professionals to coach others on what makes a great seller. She holds a BA in marketing and business management from Franklin Pierce University, and lives in Maine.

ISBN 978-1-77458-320-3
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Published September 5, 2023
5.5 × 8.5 296 Pages
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