Big Enough

Building a Business That Scales with Your Lifestyle

Lee LeFever

An eye-opening antidote to the endless growth mindset, Big Enough offers an alternative path to career success.

In this illuminating book, entrepreneur Lee LeFever gives an inside view of building a scalable, product-focused business—while never compromising on quality of life. Lee and his wife, Sachi, responded to the promise of the Internet by building a million-dollar business, Common Craft, that was small enough to pivot and innovate. Lee takes you through the multiple business models they pursued—models that were formerly the sole domain of big business: marketplace, digital product licensing, subscription services, distribution partnerships, and more. Through it all, they retained the freedom to work from home, and go camping any day of the week.

Like Paul Jarvis in Company of One, Lee outlines exactly how he and Sachi did it, and offers his best tips for how you, too, can build a lightweight business that supports a life you love. A must-read for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, business strategy, and e-commerce, Big Enough arms you with insights into how technology and innovation are changing the face of business—and how the science of happiness and the pursuit of values can help redefine what it means to be successful in business.


“In Big Enough, Lee LeFever uses his finely honed explainer skills to provide a refreshing, personal guide to designing a business around the values that matter most to you. Big Enough offers plenty of tactics and tips, but more importantly it gives readers a chance to rethink their definitions of success and adjust their working lives accordingly. As the sole proprietor of a ‘big enough’ business myself, I found a lot to steal here, and I think you will, too.”

“A practical business autobiography, approachable and useful . . . Lee LeFever helps you understand the real difference between freelancing and entrepreneurship (and what to do about it).”

“We often hear about how the Internet has allowed companies to get big fast, but the same forces can provide great leverage for individuals or small partnerships to choose different success metrics, like freedom, health, or satisfaction. In Big Enough, Lee LeFever shares the approach he and his wife took in building their small online business, and the incredible flexibility it’s given them in how they live. As the owner of a tiny online business, I wish I’d had this thoughtful and engaging book as a blueprint when I started out.”

“I’ve admired the work that Lee and Sachi LeFever have done with Common Craft over the years. I loved reading the stories behind their success. They made it look easy . . . of course, reality is always a little trickier. This book was fun to read, incredibly open and honest, and came at such a perfect time for me! I learned so much from Lee’s insights into building a ‘big enough’ business and it really inspired me to rethink a lot of what I’m working on. If you are an entrepreneur with heart, you’ll love this book.”


“There is a growing movement of smart business owners who are more concerned with ‘enough’ than the typical ‘more.’ Lee LeFever tells his story of letting personal values and freedom chart his course in business, to help others determine how they want to define their own success.”

“This book redefines sustainability for entrepreneurs. If you’ve ever wondered how much is enough, this book will guide you to your answer. Lee LeFever is gentle, helpful, optimistic, and kind—exactly what you’d never expect from a successful tech entrepreneur.”

Big Enough is a refreshing look at the types of businesses and lives we can build when we stop focusing on growth for growth’s sake. Lee and Sachi LeFever have built a great business in a way that has enabled a fulfilling and flourishing lifestyle. We can learn a lot from how they optimized their time and their projects, and relentlessly focused on the opportunities that align with their values.”

“Lee LeFever takes you behind the scenes as he and his wife build a ‘big enough’ business that defies the default, often destructive ambitions of going big or going home. This book is filled with honest, practical, and inspiring tips for building a business. Big Enough shows you how work can add meaning and fulfillment to your life instead of draining it away.”

Big Enough sits at the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, and a high-quality, well-lived life. Read this book as a road map to turning your creative dreams into your career.”

“There’s a massive gap between the fantasy of running your own company and the real-world experience required to start something that you can carry forth into being a company that’s ‘big enough’ to support your lifestyle without overtaking your entire universe. Lee LeFever shows you how to move from fantasy to reality.”

Big Enough is not just another story about being a successful entrepreneur; it’s a guide for how to design a successful business by focusing on your desired lifestyle and your values. I only wish I’d read this book earlier.”


Lee LeFever is the co-founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation. Since 2007, Common Craft has won numerous awards, worked with respected brands like LEGO, Google, Intel, and Ford, and created original explainer videos that have earned over fifty million views. Today, Common Craft produces educational guides, ready-made videos, and digital visuals that are used by educators in over fifty countries. Lee and his partner, Sachi, are Common Craft’s only employees and work from their home off the coast of Washington State.

ISBN 978-1-989603-18-5
$19.95 CAD $15.95 USD
Published September 15, 2020
5.5 × 8.5 176 Pages
Paperback, ebook